Warm, busy days!

During past weeks DH and I were very busy, our living room needed a new painting.

The idea of a new and fresh painting was so enticing that I decided other rooms needed the same. DH rolled his eyes!…Now he’s glad we did it!

DS2 could come, he helped us with everything, though moving the furniture was the most difficult thing The garage  was the place where we parked boxes with books, curtains, decoration and everything else.

The painting dried faster than usual because the temperatures were also unusual for May, very warm days just like summer.

Then we cleaned the windows, the floor, white smudges everywhere! I sorted out some things (still not quite done though). We had work for days, but it’s not all finished yet, I’m pondering about new curtains too!

Now, the last part of our trip.

In the morning we got to Slovakia.

We spent the whole day in Bratislava, the capital.

We started the sightseeing with the “City Express”, that’s how the guide called it, and, laughing,  she also told us that the “back massage” while the outing was free! LOL


The Bratislava Castle, it was destroyed by a fire, then rebuilt in the 1950’s in its Theresian style.


Walking through the Main Square,


located in the Old Town.


Here is Napoleon!


Not really…

Napoleon and his army were in Bratislava in 1805. This soldier is supposed to have been going through Bratislava when he fell in love with a local girl, stayed in the city and became a producer of sparkling wine.

Another famous sight,


the statue of Man at work:


The buiding of National Council of the Slovak Republic:


Inside of the Gothic St. Martins’s Cathedral, built in the 13th – 16th centuries,


beautiful tiles, an impressive altar,


and the unique windows, the photo does not do justice to show how gorgeous they are, but I wanted to give at least an impression of them.


We rambled about the city on our own, I had to have an ice cream, it was pretty warm.


Lavender ice (again!), dark chocolate, caramel, sneakers…

Blueberries?…Of course, blueberries and dark chocolate!


Time to say Good Bye….

It was nice to see a little part of this lovely city!


Going against the strong current,

lovely views…


Next day, back to Austria.

We visited the Melk Abbey,


we visited the museum, the Imperial Staircase and Corridor, the Marble Hall.


The Benedictine monks still live and work there.


We were ll deeply impressed by the library, to knee down!

Back to the ship…

Feeling happy for being able to have visited so many wonderful places. We made new experiences, learned new things.

And we’re thankful for getting to know a little bit more of Europe.

My negleted sewing room…I’m coming!

Wishing you a lovely and creative time!



Ulla said…
Congratulations on the big makeover! I can imagine how new paint can make the next room look in need of paint too, or the ceiling... an endless circle, but so satisfying once it is done.
Thank you for the beautiful tour in Central Europe.
Fresh paint can surely make a room look bright and new. What a wonderful trip. So many gorgeous old building. I'm always in awe of the old churches and cathedrals.
White makes everything look clean like a blank page in a notebook. You can then accent according to the season. Fab choice Suzie! I hope you find the right fabric for the curtains. What a wonderful trip you had! Thank you for sharing a part of Europe I haven’t seen before.
What is the most interesting thing? Thank you so much for this.

Thank you for the good and very helpful information. It is very interesting.
hamoda hmada said…
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