Continuing the trip

Good morning, Hungary!

We left the ship with a small group, the rest of the day we were visiting beautiful places along the Danube river.


First place,  the  Basilica of Esztergom.


As we came hear we could already hear some medieval music,


this was the guy who was playing, three instruments at the same time!

A look inside of the Basilica, everyone was turning their heads up to see the awesome paintings above…


But look at the floor, what a pattern for quilters!


We also visited Visegrád, a small town on Danube and its Castle. The stairs to come up there were pretty steep…It was also very warm, but I was tough, I went all the way.


The only thing is, we did not take a break so I just took a photo when we got up there!…

But something from the inside though!


He asked me if I’d like to hold the hawk for a photo.

No, Sir! I’m too chicken for that! LOL


We were quite hungry after these visits, our guide took us then to this unusual and big restaurant,


it tasted very good!


After that they served us Palinka, an Hungarian fruity brand. I tried in small sips, but after two sips it was enough for me!

Continuing to Szentendre, a lovely town full of galeries, art, side streests, and cafés.


The Blagovestenska Church, a Greek-Orthodox church.  It’s a small one,


but look what one can see in the interior,  a beautiful iconostase.


Do you see the lampshades? Last year they had umbrellas.


Everything you can imagine with lavender,


my first lavender ice cream, not so sweet and so refreshing!

And a lovely purple bike.


There were a lot more to see in Szentendre, but the bus was waiting and we simply had to continue the trip. This little town is now part of lovely memories, perhaps one day I’ll be able to visit it again.

In the late afternoon, Budapest, finally.



More stairs!…


Stairs everywhere…


Then a beautiful view of the city,


Time to go back to the ship, take a shower, and rest my feet!

The next day we went to the indoor market, but the building does not look like a market from the outside, well, not to me!…


A view from the inside,


neat stalls with vegetables, fruits, and many, many spices.

We had to try a Hungarian food speciality, Langosh. It’s a fried dough made of water, flour, yeast. sugar, and salt. Then topped with sour cream, garlic and grated cheese. It tasted good, but the spicy, hot, raw garlic, wow!….It was just too much, the taste (and smell) of garlic was in my mouth for the rest of the day!!!



On the top floor are the shops with their handiwork, a lot of embroidery…


Our purchases, sunflower honey, 3 different kinds of paprika condiments, the one in the tube is especially for Goulash, and a Hungarian saffron.


Pretty warm 30°C…

Leaving Budapest, another incredible city…




Next day, another country!




What a beatiful place to visit........ Thankyou so much for sharing.......
Ulla said…
Thank you for taking your readers on this beautiful and interesting tour!
What a gorgeous trip. And you're getting so much exercise and it doesn't feel like work because you're seeing so many lovely things. I love unique food things. I'd need another suitcase to get home. :o)
John Newman said…
good luck guys & i like your blog .
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John Newman said…
I love unique food things.
thanks for sharing good pics

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piseth san said…
The blog are the best that is extremely useful to keep.
I can share the ideas of the future as this is really what I was looking for,
I am very comfortable and pleased to come here. Thank you very much!
jun said…
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thanks a lot
Thank you for sharing

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