It’s Spring!

The days started to get warmer and warmer,

and what I value most, the light, it just feels so good after the long grey winter.

I enjoy staying outside until my pollen allergy

gets in the way, then I do other things.

I finished a top,


a pattern from the book SCRAPS, INC. vol.1.

I normally cut as go I when I make a scrap quilt, but this one I did cut all the pieces before, it worked and I like how it turned out, love triangles.

Also a bit of crochet for a change…

An easy pattern in bright colors, Camilla has a lot of beautiful ideas.



I also had a lovely time making some preemie quilts.


Quilting for an old friend, a present for her granddaughter’s Confirmation. I hope she had a lovely day.


Wishing you a lovely and creative week!



Ulla said…
Beautiful bursts of colours! The warmth and increased light bring us new energy. The preemie quilts are adorable and will be loved by the recipients.
Lovely quilt....... Enjoy spring and I hope your allergies settle down...... I have lots of trouble with them also...
That triangle quilt is really eye catching. I love it. Your crochet is gorgeous and so perfect. Lovely pattern and colors too. What a treasure the quilt is for your friend's granddaughter. Darling preemie quilts. Sure to be loved.
dutchcomfort said…
Your triangle quilt is gorgeous and I love your chrochet!

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