Sit and sew report

February was not a nice month…

Well, not for me.

Sick for a long while, practically no sewing, the days just went by.

But, nothing like one day after the another, and so, March began.

A little bit here, a couple more stitches there and I got some things done.

Flying Geese blocks for February, some for March.

I’m enjoying this project so much! I can hardly wait to see more changes in color, which means change of season, change of temperatures.

Although the calender shows that Spring has started, the weather is simply ignoring it…

It got pretty cold again, snow, ice, a chilly wind blowing and blowing.

Complain about it? No, it’s good to breathe the clean, crisp air.

And then, sit and sew, of course!


A little tote,


with two different pockets inside, with a zipper,

DSCF9622 (1)

and Kam Snaps.

DSCF9623 (1)

Two preemie quilts in bright colors.



Last but not least, my newest project, many triangles! And trapezoids, too.


My cup of tea is waiting.

Have a lovely and creative time!



Ulla said…
It has been a long and tough winter, so I'm glad to see that you have been the "Little Busy Bee" again.
Sorry you've been sick. It's not been a nice start to 2018 for many folks. I love your temperature quilt. It's so interesting seeing the differences in people I follow who are making them. Love the tote! Your triangle project looks amazing. Be well!!! Happy Birthday. :o)

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