Christmas time

It’s the most wonderful time

of the year,

but the most busy, too!

Even so,

I love it!

Sorting out fabrics,

ribons, choosing decorations and

ideas for gifts, sewing, crafting,



Baking Christmas cookies ….

little gifts for friends.


Since twenty years a especial friend

invites me at Christmas time for brunch at her house,

she is one of the greatest hostess I know.

Every year she thinks of a different decoration,

she cooks, and bakes new recipes. She takes care

of every single detail.

And that’s not all, we all get Christmas cards she makes

and a little handmade decoration.

She is simply awesome…

This year I got a red EPP star.




Wishing you a lovely and peaceful Christmas time.



I would certainly say "she's the hostess with the mostest." How festive and such lovely treats. You are also an awesome maker and gift giver as well. Happiest Holidays to you!!

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