the year’s last,

loviest smile”

(William Cullen Bryant)

A little while away from home…

DH and I had a wonderful time travelling through Provence. The beginning of Autumn was the right season to visit many beautiful places. I enjoyed every single minute, the more I saw, the more I wanted to see and spot.

Gorges de l’Ardèche, locally known as “The European Grand Canyon”.

It was not cold, but on that day one could feel a bit of the Mistral, the cold, violent northwest wind that passes through the valleys of the Rhône, one of the major rivers in Europe.






A Lavender Museum,


an old machine for distillation,


everything you can imagine in lavender color…


And with me three different sorts of lavender oil, each one for different purposes (what I did not know before), and lavender honey.

I asked why many houses had cypress trees in the front garden.

She told me, one tree means, here, at this house you can get something to drink, two trees mean you can get something to drink and something to eat. Three cypresses mean here you can drink, eat, and sleep. Very hospitable!


Various delicious cookies, bread, and other sweets at the bakery.

Next time some photos of another beautiful place.

Wishing you a lovely and creative week!



Ulla said…
Amazing views! The lavender museum sounds wonderful. I have only smelled the dried flowers. You must have had an excellent journey.
What a beautiful trip. How interesting about the cypress trees. Lavender is such a healing aroma.

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