“Ah, September!

  You are the

doorway to the

   season that

awackens my


-Peggy T. Horton

It has been an unpleasant summer, almost everywhere I guess.

But from now on, it can only get better.

I’m looking forward to the new shades of orange, brown, yellow, and green, crisp air in the morning, walks in a sun light that warms up the soul.

Yes, I love Autumn,

and I’m ready for it.

A while back, I used to buy Charm Packs for wall hangings and sometimes some extra yards of the same fabric collection (background, binding, and whatsoever).

Isn’t it delightful to find a pattern that fits the amount you have? I mean, after all these years this purchase was set aside (..forgotten?…) and now many blocks are sewn!


We met for tea, so nice seeing her, so much to catch up.

She then showed me a pair of potholders I gave her YEARS ago. “You still have them?”…”Yes, I use them only once in a while, I don’t want to ruin them…”

Dear Geraldine, just use them as much as you want, that’s what they’re made for. If I only knew I’d have made new ones for you before!

Here are they, the first ones! Another pair is in the works!


A cozy afternoon,

some tea, cookies,

and knitting!


Wishing you a lovely weekend,



Enjoy autumn as we move into spring....... I have stashes of precuts and yardage from years ago also.... Must use then up......
dutchcomfort said…
I’ve worked my way through the charm packs and precuts. I’ve learned to buy some fabrics from a series to combine them with others. I love your potholders and the quilt that’s in the works! Summer was weird indeed, wasn’t it! I’ve been waiting for more days to spend in the garden, but it’s either too windy, or too rainy, or it’s a crazy hot day. I also love Autumn!
Hi Suzie, I'm looking forward to the rich colours of Autumn too. They have started to happen in the garden, but yes it has been strange weather this Summer. Oh how perfect when you have just the right fabric for a project nicely waiting. Your socks are fab! I'm scarf knitting now the blanket is done. Daughter will be taking the scarf to her Belgian boyfriend next month so I need to hurry up.

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