Scrappy Happy

After a lot of cutting and trimming…

I finally started sewing the rows.



This is my first square top, what a fun to rummage around my scrap boxes!

First photo outside,


Second photo inside,


nothing like a scrappy quilt to make me happy!

August…and, as far as I can remember, I’ve never started knitting socks so early…To me, knitting is related to Autumn, cool, windy, and grey days, a cup of tea, cozyiness.  But it simply feels like that now, so why not?


Have a lovely and creative time,



Ulla said…
You have such bright scraps in your stash and you made a happy scrappy quilt with them.
For me every season is knitting season. Your yarn looks lovely, autumn leave colours. Enjoy your new project!
Wow love the quilt..... Just a pattern you made up?
What a wonderful quilt top. Love the bright cheerful colours. Yes sock knitting weather is on us. It feels like Autumn here too. Beautiful colour yarn.
dutchcomfort said…
your scrappy flying gees!

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