Making some changes

This is the pattern I used,

Science Fair from Jay Bird Quilts.


But I changed the size and respectively the look.

Instead of using 26 strips,

I used 10 or more, and I also added triangles

to the top and botton to make the top straight. – binding

a quilt is not really my thing so let’s keep it easy.



No ruler work, edge-to-edge is more appealing

to me and I enjoy doing it.

One of my favorite quilts now!


A bag or a basket?…

A bag was the winner, although

I’m going to use to it keep the yarn

for socks I sorted out last year

because, as everyone knows,

“out of site, out of mind”!

The new bag already has a place

in the living room to remind me NOT to get

excited about buying more yarn,

I should/must use what I already have

despite of the temptation!…

Front side,


Back side


For the time being,

I have two WIPs competing with each other,

and a book on top of that!

Wishing you a lovely and creative week!



the quilt is lovely and wow the bag is so fresh and bright.........great use of blocks..........
Ulla said…
The quilt is very nice, fresh and modern with a very traditional pattern used in a new way. Your changes make it even better! The bright tote is great for keeping yarn and WIPs not getting buried in a closet and forgotten.

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