A couple tips

Nowadays there are many useful tools to make piecing easier and faster.

I’m a fan of these things so I’m always adding more of them to my supplies (or “Quilt Arsenal” as my DS2 calls it !).

For instance, for the Flying Geese block I have two different rulers.

My favorite is from Quilt in a Day (Eleanor Burns), with this one you first cut, sew, and then square up the block, what I find very helpful.


For a block measuring 6” X 9” (finished size)

you’ll need two different sizes of squares.

One 9” X 9” square

and one 71/2” X 71/2”.

After cutting in the diagonal you’ll get two

HSTs that look a bit odd, but that’s how they should be.


Both have to be sewn and cut on the diagonal again.


Open, press and you then you can use the ruler to square them up.


From the two squares you’ll get 4 perfect Flying Geese blocks like so:


However, when I have scraps that are smaller and cannot be used like this, I use Marti Mitchell’s Flying Geese Ruler.

All the pieces are cut separately, no room for squaring up the blocks, it demands exact cutting and sewing. For this method I normally starch the fabrics to avoid distortion.



These are the last batch I made today.


The blocks are for a WIP that turned into an UFO.

Since last week, when I found the “old” blocks in one of my boxes, this UFO turned into a WIP once more!

So, a few more blocks and I’ll have another top.

Have a lovely and creative time!



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