EPP and a gift

Last day of April,

a good month,

I got some projects finished,

tried new patterns,

started new things,

nice, I’d say!

The trash-pouch is practical,


I’m using it to keep a new English Paper Piecing project,


I got it from crazymomquilts,


it’s fun and easy to make, probably as a cushion for a friend who loves the bright rainbow colors – actually, I have more than one friend who loves these colors!


This is a gift for a special friend,


the pattern describes our paths in this life,

vacillating, not consistant, floating,

but always forward,

one step after the other,

going ahead.

We both have been through many

ups and downs.

The back in green, her favorite color.



Why is she especial?

Do you have a friend that reminds you

you’re not alone in the journey?

Makes you laugh, catches you when you’re

about to fall, and it doesn’t matter if the two of you don’t talk

for a while when things get busy,

when you get together, it’s like you talked

to each other yesterday.

“Friends are medicine for a wounded heart,

and vitamins for a hopeful soul”.

I’m grateful to have her as a friend.


This is a top I finished some time ago…

Finally quilted!




Wishing you a lovely and creative week!



dutchcomfort said…
You have been busy Mrs Busy Bee! It’s so important to have a dear friend, someone who doesn’t need too many words to understand you and who can make you laugh and put things into perspective!
Ulla said…
You have been busy! The quilting of the path quilt is amazing, you must have practised a lot to make it follow your quilt pattern so perfectly. Beautiful words about friendship, and a beautiful quilt for your friend.
tushar soni said…
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mahendar cherry said…
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