A finish and a WIP


That’s how it began,


and now it’s finished!


This block/pattern has many versions, I like this one from Bernadette Mayr, to me they look like they’re dancing and I like the movement.



Working on a new mini quilt,



I think I got hooked,

it’s fun and fast to make – well, sometimes not so fast,

but fun for sure!


Have a lovely and

creative weekend!



Simone de Klerk said…
Beautiful finish! Very different in colors, from what I am used to by you!
Looks like your working on a fun project (:
Happy days!
Ulla said…
Pretty little dance of the squares! Good luck with the paper-piecing.
I also love the movement of the dancing squares. I know your paper piecing project will be a wonderful finish just like all of your projects. I admit I'm not a lover of doing paper piecing. :o) Looking forward to seeing your finish.

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