Out of sight, out of mind….Or, the advantage of being a chaotic quilter…


The excitement about trying a new technique (the one I mentioned on my last post)

made me take a look at my scrap boxes.

Oh my….

What do you think I found?….



What a bird brain…

How could I forget my string blocks???… I first showed them  here

After deciding which pattern I liked most

I made more blocks,

I took a break….

made more blocks, and…

time passed…

Other projects took place,

the box with the blocks found a nice corner in the sewing room.

Why did they not scream??…I sure would have heard!


Enough waiting,

I started sewing the blocks.



It’s going to be a square quilt,

I have three more blocks to sew.


Sometimes a new idea helps you to finish an old project!

Wishing you a lovely sewing time!



Hallo :-).
Schön dass du die Blöcke aus dem Box geholt hast. Die sind viel Zu schön um in einer dunkle Ecke Zu sein. Das wird ein ganz toller Quilt werden.
Stephanie said…
Love love love the start setting. I have lots of neutrals for future string blocks. Awesome find you made in your scrap bin!
This is so cute Suzie! I love it! Great going, and such a happy find!
Katherine said…
Suzie, this is so beautiful! It's just the right mix of happy colours with an interesting combination of neutrals. I love it!
Deb said…
Suzie, that is so lovely. What fun to find fresh enthusiasm with a forgotten project.
Houseelf said…
Great one Suzie! I had the same thing with the greyhound toile squares. The hand sewing is still in the queue so it still isn't done. Your stars look beautiful! One of the best string quilt tops I have seen.
dutchcomfort said…
That’s so beautiful Suzie!!
Simone de Klerk said…
Love your stars. So happy and bright. I can imagine cuddling myself in this loveliness and brightness!
Ulla said…
Some people call their UFOs marinating projects, because the time spent from the beginning of the project sometimes makes the final result just better. This setting looks really great!

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