Change of season…


The beauty of Fall is gone…

The days are getting colder, the sky is grey…


with some bright decoration, candles, tea, and

everything else that makes you smile

and feel happy,

we can welcome the most lovely time of the year,

can’t we?

I’m thankful for being able to finish a small wall hanging just in time for the first Advent.

As usual, life gets in the way and my plans fail, I guess  it’s a matter of getting used to it as I grow older…


Time for some more tea….(after the photos!)


Hanging the stocks with care….

photos 034

Enjoy this season and

all the joy

it brings!



Deb said…
I am loving all your christmas photos Suzy. The wall hanging is gorgeous.
Ulla said…
Beautiful red and white Christmas theme. You have been a busy bee aain, so glad to see.
Ulla said…
aain means again!
dutchcomfort said…
Beautiful decorations Suzie! Wishing you a wonderful Holiday Season too!
Stephanie said…
Happy Christmas to you!!!
Simone de Klerk said…
Love the wall hanging you made! Did you appliqué it?
And how I wish I could have a cup of tea with you. Tea must taste wonderdul from that tea pot in the tea cups.
Happy Christmas to you, dear friend!

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