I have to say….



…and ice cream!




Stephanie said…
I totally agree with Sally! I bought new flip flops just waiting for me to wear them!!!
Annemariesquilt said…
Yes enough of cold weather, we want real spring. At least warmer weather with less cold wind !!!
Happy easter to you Suzie ;-)
Carole said…
This is exactly how I've been feeling, and trying to hold on no matter what just doesn't seem to work anymore. The weather reports said sunny yesterday and today, so I was all ready to go in the garden and as I came out, it started to rain ! No sun, no nice weather, only damp, humid and cold. I am really getting fed up ! so now I take care of the inside... but man !!!
Houseelf said…
The thrill of Winter has paled for me too. I am fed up of any shade of grey in the sky. It reminds me of grey mohair and pearls. I am ready for the pale yellow, lilac, and spring green of new flowers for Spring.
burun estetigi said…
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