WIP and a little pouch


Three more Feather blocks  are on my table,

I want to make as many blocks as possible using the same fabrics,

that means, I have to spare a little.

For some blocks I’m going to use only one fabric for one side of the feather,

I hope it will work fine.


I can now tick off one item of my endless “Wish-to-do list” ,

it’s this lovely pouch from Debbie’s Triple-Zip Challenge :


It’s a good one for little things,

her tutorial is easy to follow.




Maybe I could make another one using more of this fabric

that has nice sayings:

“make life simple” ,

“make life creative” ,

“make life relaxing”


Wishing each of you

a lovely Valentine’s Day!





Ulla said…
Your feather blocks are amazing! And you must be a zipper-sewing professional, every stitch is perfect in your pouch.
Happy Valentine's Day to you too!
dutchcomfort said…
Happy Valentine’s Day to you too Suzie! Your feathers and pouch are both adorable!
Stephanie said…
Your fabric choices for your feathers are perfect and I do like some with a single fabric on one side. So very interesting. One day I shall do zippers. Yours are always perfection.
Simone de Klerk said…
Amazing, to catch up with you again, Suzie! So much loveliness you have been working on. The colors you are using are so happy and bright and the feathers you are working on now look great.
Love your sayings and food for the soul too (o:
So fun to see so much coming from you!

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