Scraps, strips, and feathers



I’ve been working with strips again,

it’s fun, satisfying and creative.

The fun:

I can use any any width, any color.

The satisfaction:

it goes fast,  just sit and sew.

The creative part:

simply play with it, look for the different options,

go anywhere you want.

First option, a star:




Alternating the chevrons:


“Squares” on point:


Changing directions:


And there are so many more options to play with!

I’m going to make more blocks….

as the whim takes me!

Suffice to say that

I got carried away…

I had to start another project that also uses strips!


I usually save tiny pieces,

but these ones here are going to the bin!


The pieces have  to be cut diagonally, so, in my case,

using scraps, I had to sew the strips off-center:


Always check to keep the pieces consistent:


A little while after, the first sets:



Preparing the stems:


Finally, the first feather block,

I’m in love with it!


We celebrated another birthday at home,

I baked another cake ;-)


“I feed my soul…

by the stitches I sew”


I feed my hips

by “cake” bits!

Have a lovely and creative week!


PS. The feather block is from a pattern from Anna Maria Horner “Feather Bed Quilt”.


Stephanie said…
I LOVE string blocks and yours are fabulous. I still have quite a bit of yardage of Soul Blossoms left. One of my favorite collections from Amy Butler. Your feathers are amazing. Is that Anna Maria Horner's pattern?
Carole said…
Hello Suzie, your feather block is soooo nice ! And that cake... I don't feed my hips with cake, sadly, but this one would be just the ticket, and so much better than just sitting and correcting all day - when I'm done generally my legs feel puffy and stiff like wood. Just one more week before the holidays....
dutchcomfort said…
Love all those string block options and I adore the feathers!
I always feed my hips with chocolate!
Ulla said…
The string blocks offer so many possibilities, as you have shown. The feather is a beauty!
Cindy said…
Oh my goodness, how WONDERFUL!! I absolutely love the many arrangements of your blocks. Too much fun and alot of beauty!

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