Sewing with love for the tiniest ones

Hi there,
it was about time to make more preemie quilts
so that was a good idea to start the year.
Preemie quilts are fun to make, you can use so many scraps and also try different patterns.
When I saw the Peek-A-Boo Street pattern from Stephanie I instantly thought it would be lovely as a baby or preemie quilt.  It’s well explained , thank you dear friend! :-) Take a look at her site, she also has great patterns for bags!
Then I made this one using stripes and appliqué:
A panel and coordinated fabrics:
These motifs are so sweet:
2013_0118photosblog0037 2013_0118photosblog0036

During the last weekend I made two more, what a good feeling!
Three quilted in a row:
Aren’t these Teddies sweet?
More owls:
I’ve sorted out part of my stash,
looked for the fabrics for my next project,
and I’ve just started something.
The pictures will be on my next post.

Wishing you a cozy and lovely weekend!


Ulla said…
What a wonderful start for your quilting year! There will be six happy babies and mothers when tehy receive your quilts.
Simone de Klerk said…
Such loveliness made with so much care. How happy they will make parents with their babies.
Katherine said…
Oh, these are adorable, Suzie! I can just imagine the smiles and cuddles your gifted quilts will elicit. Well done!
Houseelf said…
Beautiful work Suzie. They will be so appreciated as a spot of colour, joy and thoughtfulness, to concerned new parents.
Carrie P. said…
such cute fabrics you are using for those little quilts. Yes, Stephanie does have some great patterns.
Annette said…
Those are all just so sweet! Perfect for welcoming a baby.
Stephanie said…
Lucky babies to receive qulits of comfort. Adorable fabrics. My heart belongs to Peek A Boo Street.

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