Looking for a name


Hi there!

It’s been cold,

snow shoveling,

again and again…

Call me crazy, but

it looks beautiful to me

when it’s all white!

When I looked through my stash last week

the shades of blue was the color combo that appealed to me – not really a surprise I guess…


And so I started cutting,

and cutting.


Slowly getting into shape…..


If you look close,

perhaps you can notice that I changed the dark blue,

I found another one that matched better.


I’m pleased with the colors,

but I don’t have a name

for this wall hanging…

Any suggestions?…

Before sewing the last pieces…

I had to bake a cake yesterday,

don’t you feel hungrier

when it’s cold?…(or is it only an idle excuse?…)


I assume the rest of the cake will be gone this afternoon,

DS2 said “it tastes good, mom,

you can bake it again!”

Have a lovely and creative week!




dutchcomfort said…
Lovely wall hanging Suzie. It reminds me of sea glass, maybe Spinning Seaglass would be a nice name?

The sun is shining now and the snow is beautiful again!!
Wow is that ever pretty. Love all the shades. The only thing I can think of is Blueberry Ice. It reminds me of an ice crystal.
Ulla said…
Beautiful fabrics and lovely pattern, and your cake looks delicious. I baked a cake for my sons too. - All white makes the empty garden and black trees look so much more beautiful.
Stephanie said…
I love Nicolette's suggestion of spinning seaglass. LOVE the colors and what an intriguing pattern.

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