Christmas is just around the corner…



…instead of sitting

at my computer…

I was decorating the house,

buying presents,

making presents,

wrapping the presents,

going to the Post Office,

eating cookies, cake,

and drinking tea with some friends and a Quilt Group,

and so on…

I guess you’re doing about the same, don’t you?!…


besides that…

I could not show you what I’ve been sewing!

I might do it after Christmas! ;-)

This wall hanging had to wait a year or so (oh my….)

Now a proud finished PIP!


Two new members of my DH’s Moose collection:

2012_1210photosblog0024 2012_1210photosblog0026

Some wrapped presents


Some new Tilda birds for the Christmas tree - I’ve already made some years ago,

but they were gifts and there were none for me…



There’s not much left from what I’ve baked for the Advent,

it seems like I’ll have to bake again (that’s a pleasure!)

It’s a lovely time,

hope you’re enjoying it too.

Wishing you a lovely and creative week!



Stephanie said…
I love what you've been doing instead of sitting at the computer. What a gorgeous PiP. Congratulations! Adorable gingham moose. What a fun collection to have. Happy Baking!
Simone de Klerk said…
Such a beautiful happy Christmas fun post.
I, how I would love to have a cup of tea with you and some of the cookies you baked. I think the Germans are the best in baking Christmas cookies!
Houseelf said…
I like the 3d effect of the reds in your PIP. Yes the season for lots of wonderful secret makings. :-) Have fun with Christmas baking.
Sounds like you are enjoying the lead up to Christmas! Love your wallhanging - very festive.
Sharon said…
wow! your red and white star-block quilt is really pretty

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