On my “design floor”


Most quilters have a design wall,

but what do you do when your design wall is small

and pieces of a PIP are still hanging there?…

You use your design floor, right?

These are the first blocks for a Stained Colorful Quilt.

I saw many of these quilts, they are cheerful, bold,

and scrappy ;o)))

I saw this one Susan made and she was so kind to help me with the instructions.

There’s a lot of cutting so I had to pieced at a low pace in order not to injure my shoulder and neck. Besides, I had many other projects to finish, gifts to make, meetings,etc…I guess you know how that is!

Only this week I started sewing the white sashings

and I love the blocks!




Thank you Susan for helping me!

From this,


to this,


a beautiful Amarillo!

A gift from a dear friend.

Wishing you a  lovely and cozy weekend!



dutchcomfort said…
Your design floor works well!! Lovely stained blocks Suzie!
Wishing you a lovely weekend too!

Susan Standen said…
You did a fantastic job. Love your fabric choices! The quilt goes together far quicker that you think once you start piecing, doesn't it. It is the cutting that seems to take forever. Look forward to seeing it finished.
Ulla said…
Lovely colour choices! Once you can start sewing the project willmake you hungry for more. The cutting can be a little boring sometimes, and with the different blocks in this quilt you really have to check and recheck. Have a happy weekend!
Stephanie said…
I definitely don't want you to suffer any quilting injuries! Those candy colors really pop against the white. Cutting can definitely be boring but the reward is the sewing.
Simone de Klerk said…
I love how your stained glass quilt is getting along. So very different from the one I made.
Happy weekend to you too.
Houseelf said…
So pretty and bright. Lovely work Suzie. I am learning how to knit with the European method as my arms have had enough with the English way. I am learning to do littl and often too. Good luck with pacing yourself.
I use the design floor or design bed!Your blocks look fabulous.

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