It’s finished!


I’ve heard that “done is better than perfect”

and I totally agree with it ;o))


It took a while to sew the blocks,

then it took another while to find the right fabric for the border.


I decided to hand quilt it,


so it also took a while…

But now it’s finished

and I’m happy!

Wishing you a lovely, cozy,

and creative week!



Ulla said…
The quilt is beautiful but your hand quilting is unbelievable!
Stephanie said…
How what a treasure. Such happy colors and pretty too. Your hand quilting is amazing.
Simone de Klerk said…
Wow, Suzie, I really admire you for having hand quilted this beautiful quilt! And such fine and perfect stitches!
Must be a great feeling to have it done!
Oh wow, Suzie, this is so beautiful. Love the quilt and your handquilting adds so much to the beauty!!
Houseelf said…
Wonderful! Love love it! Well done Suzie. Being perfect is all very well, but I would take happy over that anytime. Perfect people never have any fun I'm sure. :-)

Great Kaffe colours too.
Carole said…
It is really a beauty ! I love the flowery border, sure cheers up the cold weather we've been having lately !
And I am in awe of your hand quilting... such tiny, regularly spaced stitches ! Congratulations.
love the quilt and congrats on the quilting it looks wonderful.......well done.....
Anonymous said…
It's a beauty
Manuela said…
The Quilt is so beautiful.
Your hand quilting is perfect.

Best wishes Manuela
Sharon said…
Your hand quilting is exquisite!

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