Color inspiration II


I’m still enjoying

the change in seasons.

The days are

as beautiful as cozy.



the leaves have started to



and soon

they’ll be

blown by the wind,

and gone


I want

to have more of

these beautiful color combinations…

I want

to work with them…


Just had to go through the stash,

search for

the right fabrics…


buy more fabrics…


as if I was painting…

Just to keep the autumnal colors

near me, in my living room .


The “Flying South Quilt” top is done,


Time to relax,

take a look,


ponder on how

I should quilt it.

And when…;-)))


Wishing you a lovely and creative week!



sara said…
A beautiful post!!!
Stephanie said…
That first photo looks exactly like my neighborhood. Blue sky and glowing Autumn trees. I love how the first quilt just seems to glow. Gorgeous. And I love the Flying South quilt. Such pretty colors. I might get more done if I could sit and sew with you.
Simone de Klerk said…
Your fabric painting is very pretty! Love the otherone too.
And you certainly know how to catch the colors of autumn. So colorful. And you found the right words to all.
Houseelf said…
Your 1st quilt is loke looking up through the trees to the sky. Beautiful. Well done with finishing the Flying South top. Good luck with the quilting.
Sandi said…
Lovely! - you have captured an autumn day in a quilt!
Your flying south quilt top is gorgeous, such pretty colours.
Ulla said…
Beautiful photos of Autumn. The first quilt is lovely, just like Melanie said sky between treetops. The Flying South quilt is beautiful too, sun and summer flowers.
Annemariesquilt said…
Realy good to see that your on the go again Suzie ;-))
Take care..
Sharon said…
These are great quilts! I totally understand, the colors on trees here are breathtaking , too. Sad to see them go

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