Busy – or, Scrappy go Happy!


 October started with beautiful Autumn days


One of the pumpkins found its way to my kitchen,

the result:

tasty Pumpkin breads!



Some time ago I started cutting fabric strips for the “No Strings attached Challenge”  Stephanie had in her blog.

Unfortunately I could not go on with the projects I had in mind.

Time passed,


years passed

A box full of scraps…

A little voice said, “give it a second chance”…

Block after block, it started to take shape.

More strips, please.

A delightful feeling when I got it done!


Wonky half Log Cabins,


Scrappy go Happy!

And because I still had strips

and so many scraps…

I thought,

why not another scrappy quilt? These are the ones I love most.

Half square triangle’s production in progress:


A sneak peek,


Just a few rows left to get the top done!

Believe it or not….

the pile of scraps

did not really diminish…

I can’t wait to start sewing this project ( and the other ones on my list ;-)


Wishing you a lovely week,

with a heavy dose of quilting!


PS. I’ll count the two first two quilts as my PIP 2012 – is that ok, Stephanie?


Ulla said…
Your wonky half log cabins are quite charming! The problem with scraps is that they seem to multiply quietly in the bags and bins. I'm so happy to see you to productive again.
Stephanie said…
As I sit here sipping my tea a piece of pumpkin bread would be tasty. I love your use of strings and YES, PIPS for 2012!!! Congratulations on your terrific finishes. Your new project looks fun with the adorable owl fabric.
Simone de Klerk said…
Wow, Suzie, what a wonderful colorful quilt. Very pretty. And you certainly have plans. So happy with all that scrappy ;o)
Pumpkins are always so beautiful.
Houseelf said…
Beautiful wonky cabins! It looks so fresh and bright.

Looks like you have a lot of plans in progress there. Good luck.

Yes scraps defy the laws of physics. No matter how many I use from the scrap hamper, more appear in there.

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