Looking for a moose?


It’s always a pleasure to find moose items to add to my DH’s collection.

I bought a couple more and they’re spread out decorating the house, a little red pail:


A cute mug and a “moose on the loose”!


It’s a wooden moose that rolls on his “feet” ( a gemstone called Aventurine) and it’s supposed to bring you luck – who knows….



Wishing you a lovely, cozy 4th Advent!


signature Suzie



A lovely 4th Advent Suzie! Your husband has a beautiful collection of Mooses!
The Canadian in me is loving all the little mooses...or is it meese :o)?
Stephanie said…
I think your husband will have a very Merry Christ-moose. Love the meese goodies.
Simone de Klerk said…
Wow, Suzie, loved to catch up with you again! You have been so busy with such beautiful things. Very very creative.
Love the red/white combinations you have. And such sweet mooses for your DH!
Happy Advent to you too!
Ulla said…
That is quite a collection! And so Christmassy too.
Your moose collection is growing with some new fun additions! Love seeing everyones Christmas traditions.

Have a wonderful Christmas!
Houseelf said…
What lovely moose items. Your husband must love them.

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