Christmas bakery


Grinding the almonds,


adding spices, cinnamon and ground cloves,


carefully rolling the dough and  cutting out little stars,


covering with icing sugar glaze,


baking  for about 12 minutes.

Letting the Cinnamon Stars cool for a while.

Oops, how many did I eat?!…


Another sort of cookie called Vanille Kipferl:


Just let it melt into your mouth, hmmmmm,



What are you baking?

Do you have a favorite recipe?

Wishing each of you a sweet weekend!


signature Suzie


Ulla said…
I used to bake gingerbread about at this time when the kids were little, but now I usually ask DD to bake something for us... I will bake a cake with dried fruit and coctail cherries for Christmas, and another one with sour milk, raisins and spices. I'm no good with cookies. Yours look delicious!
Stephanie said…
As I sit and sip my tea I'd love to share a little plate of cookies. I can smell the amazing spices from here. No baking at Loft Creations yet.
Carrie P. said…
Yum! I should make some of those crescents. I love them. My mom used to make them every year.
Today I am going to make some pecan short bread cookies.
Houseelf said…
I haven't done any baking recently. I'm looking forward to making gingerbread though. Your biscuits look delicious.
C. Joy said…
We lived in Germany in the 90's. Next week I'll be making the vanilla crescents (still have the recipe as written my my German neighbor). Your cookie pictures have made me 'home sick.' Happy Friday.

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