Sewing and giving

Now I can show you some gifts I’ve made for friends that celebrated their birthdays and also some gifts as a little “thank you”:




My friend Annie showed me how to sew this one, it’s a nifty bag. Not difficult to sew, but you just have to understand how! Thank you so much Annie!


Another zip bag with a funny fabric:



Until next time!

Have a lovely and creative week!


signature Suzie


Gra said…
Beautiful presents!!!! I love the cup cakes!!!!!
Simone de Klerk said…
Wow, so many pretty presents!!! Your work is always so beautifully made. My little present always goes with me when I take along small sewing things. It will soon make a trip to the States and Mexico (o:
Ulla said…
You are a zipper wonderwoman!
Such lovely presents! Your friends will be trhilled!
Stephanie said…
Your gifts are always so thoughtful and so well made. :o) Mine is going with me to California soon.
Deb said…
Goodness you have been so busy Suzie. What a lovely bundle of gorgeousness. I really llove your new header too, it so fresh and crisp feeling.
Houseelf said…
Lovely gift making Suzie. I am so far behind with my Christmas gift making at the moment, although they will only be little somethings sent with lots of love this year.

The sanding is still continuing, so lots of dust.
Wendy said…
You've made so many beautiful things. I have to say my very favourite is the little zippy bag, second photo down, top left corner! Love the pot holders too
Anonymous said…
Your made beautiful gifts.

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