Getting “old projects” finished



There are some projects that just take time to get finished.


I don’t have an answer.

But then, the right time comes and,

ta da ta,

they’re done.

What a wonderful feeling when that happens!

I’ll show some things that I managed to finish during the past months.

 One project was a Schnibble wall hanging I made last year. I quilted it by hand and now it’s hanging on the wall:




This one was also on the list, patiently waiting…



I thought it would be very nice to hang both of them THIS year so I quilted this one by machine.






A bold and bright batik top :


Leaves here and there and everywhere:


And it’s already in use, that’s the best part!



There’s another batik quilt…

… it’s finished too.




I am thankful to God for all what I was able to accomplish.

Many ups and downs, health problems and everything else.

That’s life, learning, coming along and getting forward.

Next post I can show some other finishes, what I’ve started, what I’m working on.

Take care

and have a lovely and creative week!

signature Suzie


Stephanie said…
So many lovely Autumn finishes. I often wish I would take time to hand quilt. I used to. I couldn't pick a favorite as each of your projects have such rich colors. It feels so good to have so many finishes I'm sure.
Simone de Klerk said…
Oh my, Suzie, such wonderful finishes! Amazing, all you have accomplished. I am so glad this is working for you (((o:
Look forward to your next finishes!
Have a happy week.
Suzie your quilts look beautiful. It's so fun to get them finished and be able to use them. I love the batiks, although I've never worked much with them. Congratulations on completing your goal.
Wow Suzie, that’s a lovely Autumn post with so much wonderful projects. I love the handquilting on the Schnibble wall hanging!
Ulla said…
All your quilts here have such beautiful autumn colours! You must feel good to see how much you have been able to finish.
Carole said…
Congrats on all the finished projects, they are gorgeous and in such rich colours ! Your machine quilting is outstanding : the stitches are so even and the pattern so clearly formed... I have been practising a bit and it doesn't always look like this !
Cardygirl said…
Great the Schnibbles!
Anne-Mette said…
Liebe Suzie.
Schön von dir wieder was zu lesen udn sehen.
Ganz toll sind deine Herbst Quilts geworden. Du hast wunderschön auf Maschine gequiltet. Da muss ich noch lernen.
Ich hoffe, es geht euch allen gut und wünsche dir und dein Lieben eine gute November.
Herzliche Grüsse aus dem Norden,
Houseelf said…
What beautiful Autumn finishes Suzie. The batik ones are so effective. Gorgeous! The leaf quilting is perfect.
Linda said…
Incredible finishes, Suzie!!! I love each one! All Fallish and beautiful. I love the quilt designs you chose to quilt too. Paganini is gorgeous!!!!! :-)

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