Read and knit till I wilt…

When I start reading a book I know what comes next…


I simply cannot stop reading, I do nothing else….

Terry Pratchett is a fabulous author.


Do you know Tiffany Aching and the Nac Mac Feegles?

She is a witch, a very good one!

And that little folk, well, “…they are, strictly speaking, one of the faerie folk, but it is probably not a good idea to tell them this if you are looking forward to a future in which you still have your teeth”. (!) They make me laugh all the time!

 And I also got two books from Jennifer Chiaverini. Beautiful stories and amazing quilts.



With a cup of tea, a cozy quilt and the hours went by….

The weather has been calling for these quiet moments.

My friend Renate came for the holidays and it was nice she had the time to show me how to knit socks. She said I don’t need to because she loves to knit and she can always knit some for me, but I thought it would be a good idea to learn it.

Here is my first pair of self-knitted socks!!


I think a new hobby took hold!!!

I’m having a lot of fun knitting them and…

….yes, it’s like reading, it is hard to stop!….

Another one in progress!


And more yarn!



What else has kept me away from the sewing machine ?

(And from my computer?….)

My favorite magazine!


Comfy socks,

pretty winter outfit,

…..a reindeer on the back !


Need a place for the paint brushes?!



I love these patchwork cushions made with tweed.

The first picture is not a good one, it does not show the warm colors.

The second one has a problem with the flash, but the colors are not so pale.




I hear a low, soft weeping…

I think it’s coming from a small room….

I open the door….

It’s my sewing machine!

I’m feeling lonesome, neglected…nobody cares about me….”

Oh dear…

I’m going to spend some time in the sewing room and give my machine all my attention and love it needs!

Enough of  one-sided activity!

This week is going to be a well balanced one! ( at least I hope so!)

Until then,

have a lovely and creative week!

signature Suzie



Esse-Riekje said…
Ha ha , a lovely blog......
Linda said…
Looks like you do have a nice new hobby, Suzie!! Love the socks! They're darling and look so warm. You are going to have fun making those!! :-)
Oh wow, love the socks! I wish I could knit something more then a scarf :-( I need your friend to come show me how :-)
Ulla said…
Self-knitted socks are the best after the ones mother knitted! It wasn't too difficult, was it? It is good to do some sewing between all the knitting, or you will find yourself with tendinitis, and all you can do then is to read ...
Annemariesquilt said…
Good to hear that you still are on the "move" ..
Great socks!!
Take care and have more fun.
nicolette said…
Such a fun post with all kinds of everything! Love the socks and those tweed cushions from Marie Claire are awesome!
Stephanie said…
Well I think reading and knitting are perfect ways to spend a day...especially while sipping tea and snuggling under a cozy quilt. I think your sewing machine will forgive you.
Carole said…
Oh I love the blue socks !! And our sewing machines could get together and whine and make a concert (though during the holidays I did manage to find some time slots here and there).
And you know what ? The books by Jennifer Chiaverini... same deal here ! A Canadian friend lent me hers in English, and I kept reading until 4 in the morning because I just couldn't let go !!! They are just fascinating !
Anonymous said…
Yes sock knitting is so addictive! Congrats on having another string to your bow. :-)

Oh yes we are old friends of the Wee Small Men here too! Aren't Pratchett's books wonderful? He describes the chalk downs of Wiltshire so well and then places them in Discworld. The man is a true story teller.

I have the Elm Creeks too- charming tales.

The tweed cushions look so warm and cosy.
suz said…
I love Terry Prachett Discworld! I am not a knitter, but a huge admirer of those who can knit. The pillows are in my favorite colors.
Simone de Klerk said…
Great reads!
And those socks... WOW. Renate must be very proud to have a student lik you (o:
And oh, your poor poor sewing machine. Have you given it enough attention by now?
Juliann said…
Two books I have not seen and those patchwork pillows are lovely. Glad I found you this morning
Anne Ida said…
Oh, your poor sewing machine - crying all alone, feeling abandoned! You are going to have to comfort it and let it know you haven't forgotten about it :o)

Yup, I do know Tiffany Aching *lol* But from when I read Wintersmith. I haven't yet read the last of Terry Pratchett's book, but I have enjoyed the older ones very very much!

You know Jennifer Chiaverini and Terry Pratchett's books have the centre of my bookshelf ;o) Two of my all-time favorite authors, so no wonder you can't stop reading these days ;o)

Sock knitting is a very good thing to do to relax (have to admit I haven't knitted much in the later years), and you did a very good job on your first pair. Enjoy!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
Hugs and stitches from me
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