Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A weather to enjoy!

It feels so good outdoors!

It’s warm and dry, such nice summer days!

That’s the reason why I’ve been away from the sewing room!

But I have finished a “Strippy Bag”, my last project for Stephanie’s challenge!



More strings for the inside pocket with a zipper:




I used D rings to attach the handles, it is a good idea, too:


And, TA DA!

My Schnibbles for this month, “State Fair”.

These patterns are soooo much fun to make!

I think I’m getting addicted to it! ;-)))


I used  2 “Sweet Hearts” Charm Packs (Benartex), which had only 27 per pack. The pattern asked for 68 charms, what should I do?…

Fortunately I had two FQs from the sampler and then I added a “stowaway”!!! Can you find it?

***You can find the “stowaway” fabric in the last block of the 2nd row,  the 2nd block of  the 3rd row and in the last block of the last row!

DH and I took a little trip  during the weekend, some lovely time together.

We went to Wernigerode and Quedlinburg, pretty small towns, nice cafes and places to visit:


If you wish, you can see more photos here and here.


No sneak peak today….

But I sure have projects to work on!

Some gifts for lovely friends ;-)))

So for now I can show you some pictures of beautiful flowers!






Have a lovely,

delightful week!


signature Suzie



Thursday, June 24, 2010

A new lovely bag


When Stephanie sent me grommets and a beautiful fabric for my birthday, it was clear to me, they were meant for a bag!

First I looked for a pattern, then I found two other fabrics that matched well.

I had never used grommets before, I was a bit afraid I could ruin part of the bag.

But it worked just fine and I still have one more set for another bag :-)))

Thank you so much, Stephanie! I love my new bag!



This is the pattern used, it is from Anka’s Tresures:


After the bag was finished I made a cappuccino,

sat down,


enjoyed! ;-))


I don’t want to tease you, but here’s another sneak peak!


Turquoise and greens again?


Scraps from batiks, a project for “No strings attached challenge” .

It is not hard to guess what I’m sewing!


signature Suzie

Monday, June 21, 2010

Nice things, nice day


Melanie makes wonderful trips and shares her photos on her blog, it is like taking a tour!

This time she sent me some lovely souvenirs from her last “gallivating “(that’s how she calls it) and I am very happy with them! The FQ had a lovely scent, the whole parcel was perfumed. Thanks, dear friend!



On Saturday some ladies from my Quilt Group and I also made a little trip.

The weather was a bit grey and cold, but we had a nice time. We visited a small quilt shop and then we went to a lovely place to have a meal. They had strawberry cake and I couldn’t resist it!…Hmmm!  A bag with quilt goodies + laughter +  a piece of cake = happy ;-))


On the calendar it is clear : today is the begin of Summer!

The Clematis is blooming, it’s so beautiful:



The first yellow rose:


Yesterday I finished the wall hanging that I  named “Waiting for the summer”. Now it is ready, just in time!

Hello, summer!


The machine quilting “runs” in one direction, like water or soft waves. This was the first time I’ve tried this motif, it was fun.


A little sneak peak from a bag that is nearly finished! 


Wishing you a lovely and creative week!

And a delightful summer time!


signature Suzie

Friday, June 11, 2010

Let the sun shine in!

I had to ask DS2 and one of his friends to hold the quilt outside so that I could take a picture of the batik quilt. Bright, cheerful colors to brighten up the days:


This pattern (from Brenda Henning) was supposed to be made with one jelly roll of 40 strips. I used the batiks I had been collecting for a while and that was fine, too. Using what I had from my stash I could make one more row, it measures 62” x 78” (1,58 cm x 1,99 cm).

Working with bold colors is like a therapy, they cheer you up, they give you impulse and stimulate your senses to work in different directions. With some scraps from the quilt, some other scraps and some FQs I started to make  “Liberated” sort of Log Cabin blocks, a bit  wonky, a bit skew,  it was fun. The result was a small wall hanging.

I did the quilting by machine.

Here and there, coming back and going the other way around, having fun again:



Ta da! There it is:


It measures 22 1/2” x 24” (57,5 cm x 61,5 cm).

One thing I’m not very found of is sewing sleeves on wall hangings.

I’ve found a new way and I would like to show it. Maybe it is what you already have been doing, but it might also help others, who knows!

When the top is quilted and trimmed, cut 2 squares  ( in my case for the wall hanging, I cut the squares 6” x 6”) and fold it in half:


Place the folded squares at the corners and pin it in place:


Sew the binding on the right side of the wall hanging the way you usually do.  The folded square will be sewn together and you’ll have a “pocket”. I placed a small ruler so that you can see it better:


Now sew the binding by hand :


Ohh,I see!  It is hard to see it clearly, so here’s another picture with a piece of paper:


That’s how it looks like on the back.

Now you can hang it on the wall!


Wishing you a lovely, sunny weekend!


signature Suzie

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

And I bought her a hat!

We’ve been having such lovely sunny days!

It feels so good to sit  in the garden! Blue sky, sunshine,  fresh air, hmmmm!

It made me neglect everything else!

A glass of water or lemonade, my little basket with my English Paper piecing project and the hours went by. I did make some progress with the pentagons, sewing outdoors paid off!


Isn’t the color of this Clematis beautiful? I can hardly wait to see it in full bloom!


Summer feeling is everywhere!

But when a girl has a delicate skin, she should better take good care when the sun is shining.

So I bought Martha a hat!

Can you see how happy she is with it?


Do you remember her? She came all the way down from Finland, Ulla made her and sent her as a birthday present. She is the most lovely girl! The garden is her favorite place, she loves  flowers.


And here is one more reason for Martha to be happy, Ulla sent her a sweet nightgown!

And also an underwear, but Martha asked me not to show it, she would blush!…

Thanks dear Ulla, you made both of us happy!


These blocks are for a quilt for donation. My Quilt Group does that every one and a half year, all the members take part in this activity. We chose the “Wonky Stars” as a pattern, it is fun making them. I think we’re going to have a nice quilt.

I’ve made three blocks, using scraps:


The block I like most is the one with “Snoopy”, I still have some scraps left from the quilt I made for DS2.

Kick it, baby!


I’ve started to sew the borders to the bright color batik quilt (the one I showed you a sneak peak) so it will be on my next post.

Happy quilting everyone!


signature Suzie