World Kindness Day


Through Tracy I’ve just learned that Tomorrow is World Kindness Day.

I do believe that kindness makes this world a better one, a beautiful one.

Smiling, caring, giving a hand, just saying “thank you” brings you closer to other people.

Anyes and Se’Lah are co-hosting A Random Acts of Kindness Day in blogland on the 13th,  it would be nice if you stop by.

“The value of kindness cannot be measured in human terms. An act of kindness enriches the heart of both the giver and the receiver.”

Br. Arockiam

Wishing you a lovely and creative weekend filled with kindness!

signature Suzie



nicolette said…
So wonderful to see you also read Tracy’s blog!

Kindness makes the world a better place! There’s not one word in Dutch (that I know of) that expresses the English word Kindness so well.

Happy Kindness Day!
Anonymous said…
I've just read that there too. I had no idea. I will certainly be trying hard tomorrow.
Deb said…
True Suzie, kindness does make the world a better place. Your kindness is being who you are, a sweet and very thoughtful lady, thank you for being you. Have a wonderful day tomorrow
Anyes said…
Suzie, Thank you so much for
spreading the love and the word, it feels so right to know so many from all over the planet are participating and kindness is being spread as we speak :-)
Tracy said…
So nice to see you've been giving a shout-out too, Suzie! Thank you for the mention. Saturday was a lovely day... Kindness spreading like wild fire around the blogging community. Nothing like blogland to bring people and a cause together. Hope some kindness found its way back to you! :o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

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