Wishes come true


It is more than two years ago the first time Ulla and I “met” in Blogland.

Meeting her in person was a very special moment. Though we’ve never seen each other before, I knew it was her at the minute I saw her standing there! And I think she thought the same! It was like meeting a good, old friend, it was so great!

The hours went by so fast, she had to leave. A warm, heartfelt hug, and a wish that we shall meet again.

I took a picture of the Mall where we met:



We both had presents for each other, she gave me many lovely gifts. Isn’t the little angel sweet? And the mugs, for me and DH- who is a moose fan! I love the beautiful Marimekko fabrics, everything in blue:



And delicious chocolate with an exquisite filling:


I hope to meet all the other blogfriends one day!

Don’t you, too?

Now I can reveal what I “showed” in my last post, the gift I made for Anne Ida, an owl pincushion ( Bunny Hill Design):


I’m so glad she like the presents. Here’s a picture she took of the parcel:


One of my favorite magazines came last week:


Some nice ideas for Christmas decoration and also for gift making.

And, talking about gift making…..

I’m right in the middle of it!

I hope to have them all finished and packed very soon!

Maybe I’ll look like that, full of presents to send:


What a pleasure ! :-)))

Some sneak peaks in my next post!

Hope you are all having a lovely and creative week!

signature Suzie



nicolette said…
Glad to hear you had a wonderful time together! Maybe one day we’ll be able to meet Suzie!
I love all the presents made and received!
Simone de Klerk said…
How very nice, to meet a blog friend! And such sweet presents.
And oh my, Suzie, do I LOVE the pincushion you made. It is so pretty. You should never worry for someone not liking your presents!!!
Katherine said…
Oh, I'm so happy you and Ulla got to meet in person. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to meet with all our blog friends in person? I would love that.

Lovely presents, Suzie!
Ulla said…
I knew you too as soon as I saw you coming in, and it was like meeting again with an old friend. Too bad I was so tired from the long travel and the fair, but I really enjoyed the time with you, and your lovely gifts.
Your owl pincushion is very sweet; you have a talent to make the perfect gifts for all your friends.
what fun to meet Ulla........I have followed her blog for many years....
Anonymous said…
Wonderful and magical that you and Ulla met in the real world! I would so loved to have been there too and drink lots of coffee. :-)

She made you some lovely things. Yes Marimeko fabric is gorgeous.

Your owl is so sweet. I am sure he is well loved.

I'm making for Christmas now too. Isn't it so special. :-)I put some finshes on my blog today.
Tracy said…
What a wonderful meeting! Blog friends are the sweetest, aren't they? Thanks so much for visiting my place today. Great to meet you and find your creative placer here! :o)
Carrie P. said…
It is fun to meet other bloggers. I have met a few from my state. The owl pincushion is so cute. Very nice gift from Ulla.
Stephanie said…
So many blog friends I'd love to meet. Lovely gifts from Ulla. How lucky you two got to spend time together.

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