“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”!

When I saw a set of Sweet Little Santa I knew I had to give it a try.

I actually don’t work with wood and I’m not that good in painting, but, why not?

The bodies are really tiny! About 1” or so.


I had to paint and let it try – but how?  They have a round head, they don’t stay upright!…

My “solution” was to place them upside down in a scrubbing brush:


With “clothes” on:


And now they have some “hair”!!!


I’m sewing their pointed hat, pics will be shown later!

My next first try was to felt. I’ve never learned  neither tried this before and I can say, it was not easy. I read the instructions and started – I’m not going to show the first ones, they were for the bin!!!

This one looks fine, but I need a little break, phew….I would be thankful for any tip!


Another “first try”?…

Yes! The Hunter’s Stars pattern. A small wall hanging to get confident:


I got the idea for these sweet houses from a dear blogging friend, the very creative Lisa. They are so much fun to make! They are called Advent Houses and they’re used to count down to Christmas like a calendar. I stuffed them with a little fiber fill and I’m going to give them as gifts.


You can find her instructions in this magazine:

2010_1118blog-photos0003 2010_1118blog-photos0004


I’m also having a lot fun sewing Mug Rugs, I think they make great gifts. I’ve made several different ones, mostly in red and white:



The Christmas gifts I’ve been working on for my family and friends should be a surprise, but if I don’t show any picture of them, my posts will be quite dull…So, the surprise is to guess which gift will be in the parcel! ;-)))

These cute fabrics are my last purchase, just have to noodle up what I can make with them!



Hope you are all sewing and crafting with joy for the most wonderful time of the year!

More sneak peaks soon!

Happy stitches!

signature Suzie



Suzie - you look incredibly organised for Christmas. I love the tiny little Santa's you have made. Your advent houses look amazing - I want to stuff mine now:)
Ulla said…
Lovely crafting projects! I like the house ornaments from the Quilting Arts Gifts Magazine, they have many nice ideas. - Felting is hard work, I have once made a teddy bear and decided it was all I need to felt!
Jackie said…
Wow, I would say that it definitely is looking like Christmas! Such wonderful projects. But my favorite is the Hunter's Star. Did you see my Hunter's Star that I posted about this week? Come take a peek.
Tracy said…
WOW--it is looking VERY Christmas-y here, Suzie...LOL! LOVE all you've been making--those mushrooms and patchwork are especially fetching. I'm quite dazzled. I feel so behind with Christmas... And now we're traveling & away two weeks... I guess I'll catch up sometime--haha! ;o) Thanks for your lovely email, I've sent you a note in turn. Happy Days ((HUGS))
nicolette said…
Oh my, you’re such a good Santa, so organised working on all those gifts! I love the tiny wooden Santa’s!

Love those houses too!
My husband brought me the Quilting Art Gifts from a business trip to Houston.
Stephanie said…
You are definitely living up to your blog name...little busy bee. Lots of Christmas goodness and happiness.
Anonymous said…
What lovely Christmas makings Suzie. It looks like a proper Santa workshop in your house.
Simone de Klerk said…
What a lovely happy post, Suzie! I love Lisa's houses! I have the magazine too and am planning to make some.
And the Christmas things you are making: GORGEOUS, as are the latest fabrics you got!
Great, your 'first time' projects!
Oh Suzie, I love your mug rug! The red and white are just stunning. Great gifts.
Katherine said…
You give the best sneaky peeks, Suzie! ;o)

Love your advent houses, mug rugs and the hunter's star. The little painted santas are looking so cute! You're whipping up some wonderful Christmas gifts.
Anne-Mette said…
Liebe Suzie.
Es weihnachtet ja schon bei dir und die kleinen Häuschen sehen ja total süss aus.
Liebe Grüsse und sehr bald - ein schönes Wochenende,
Annemariesquilt said…
You have made lots of lovely things Suzie ;-))
Your Hunters star looks terrific , is it difficult to put together. ( I was thinking about the stars center...) Take care and have more fun.
Carrie P. said…
"Christmas" speaks on your post today. Very cute projects.

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