Butter Churn


It’s difficult to find an adequate place to take pictures at this time of the year, not enough light.

I tried hanging it on the wall, but it did not work well.

Ok, then on the floor:


This is the second “Le Petite” project, it’s a pattern called Butter Churn.

I used fabrics from my stash,  I think they have a “touch” of Christmas. In the day light the colors seem “warmer”than in the picture, the background is not so mealy, I wish the real colors could be shown here.

The little squares measure 1 1/2”, it was a bit challenging. At the moment I have no idea of how I should quilt it. Any suggestions?

On my last post I had a picture of two critters which I called moose. Well, I admit I am not an expert on this subject!!!

What I bought were reindeers!

Like DH said, just because both of them have antlers, that does not mean they are all the same!

Now, these ones here, they are moose,right?

Can you guess for whom I’ve made them?!




Here are the little Santa’s helpers taking a little break and chatting:



Time for more stitches!

Hope you can spend some lovely and creative hours with your sewing machine this week!

Happy sewing!


signature Suzie




Ulla said…
This dark time of the year makes photographing so challenging! Your little quilt is charming, and so are the secret placemats. With the wide antlers I would call the polka dot animals also moose (Canadian), or elk (European). Reindeers have narrow antlers.
Wendy said…
To be honest, I find taking photos challenging any time of the year! I know what you mean about winter though, I tried to take a photo of a purple cushion I'd made and it looks blue.
I have no idea what kind of animal they are but I love them! The Santa's helpers are really cute.
Stephanie said…
After reading Ulla's comment I went back and looked at the reindeer/moose. This time of year I always think reindeer for holiday decorating but perhaps they are moose. They're sweet no matter what, especially because they're wearing polka dots. Great sewing you have going on. Your Butter Churn does have a Christmas feel to it and it's absolutely sweet.
Simone de Klerk said…
Wow, Suzie, your Le Petite turned out very very pretty! Congratulations on you finish.
And oh, I wouldn't know the difference between an moose and reindeer either. Mmm, maybe I should get a closer look on pictures!
The ones you made turned out gorgeous!
Happy sewing.
Linda said…
I love your Butter Churn! So pretty! I love the Christmas feel to it! I'm trying to finish mine up today!!
Katherine said…
Oh, how lovely Le Petite is! Taking indoor photos in winter can be frustrating, Suzie. Plus, isn't red one of the most challenging colours to get good photos of?

I love the moose! They're very Canadian looking... hint hint ;o)
Cardygirl said…
Butter churn looks great...I love the colours you have picked. It was a bit tedious with all those little squares but it looks fabulous.
Robin said…
I just bought myself a new sewing machine this past weekend! My DH had um, ahem, broken my last one when he tried to use it once. Now I can finally get back to sewing and quilting! I am so excited!

*Your new header looks lovely!

**If you can find a cheap light shield that works for those bad winter lights!
Love your Moose Mats - very cute. Your Petite Project is looking fabulous.

I wish I could send you some sun - we have just had our hottest November on record!
Carole said…
Congratulations on the butter churn, it's so neat and precise, I wish my work looked that meticulous when done (but again, I haven't completed anything in a loooong time...)
Everything is nice : the moose, (or whatever they are called...)the little elves... this week-end we shall start decorating with the girls.
Anne Ida said…
Good light really is a challenge this time of year, isn't it. We only have a few hours of daylight in the middle of the day, and even then it has a grey'ish tinge to it.

I love your version of Butter Churn! It has a touch of Christmas without being too Christmasy.

Your Santa's helpers are just adorable :o) and the Mug mats look wonderful too!

Enjoy your first week of December!
Hugs and stitches
Love your Butter Churn! And did you make Mug rugs??
Anonymous said…
What sweet little santas. Great moose mats.

You could quilt emphasizing the different squares in Butterchurn, or the more circular octagons. Had a play and see what you like.

Yes it is so dark here- rainy again so taking photos before you post things quickly is hard.
Anonymous said…
I really love your Butter churn. Moose or reindeers, I like them andI don't the diffence either. Your little santa helpers are cute. Have a nice weekend
Carrie P. said…
Love your quilt and the photos in your header are so great. Merry Christmas.

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