Hi, there!

I would like to introduce you to my Young Quilter in Training!

She is the daughter of a good friend of mine.  She is only 12 years old and full of enthusiasm and excitement about sewing!

It all began last year when she came here for a couple of days to learn how to sew. The fist thing I taught her was the English Paper Piecing Method because it was easier for her to do it at home ( my friend, her mom, did not have a sewing machine). She made many things and was so interested that she wanted more. Now she has a sewing machine and she tried by herself at home.  She phoned me, “Suzie, may I come to learn and sew with you? I have school holidays and I would love to sew bags!”

Can you resist such calling?!

The passion for sewing, for fabrics, for being creative is a gift, you should not turn your back on it!

She came by train on Wednesday and brought all what she could – her sewing machine also!

With her backpack full of fabrics and a heart full of wishes, we started planning. This time I showed her how to do some simple math, use the rulers and cutter.

She loves bright colors!

Choosing from her little stash, the production began!


She worked very concentrated and paid attention to everything.

Even a zipper was one of her wishes! And she got it right!

The results of three intensive days of sewing:


“Oh, my parents will soon come to pick me up!

One more thing, please!”



And there it is, a little bag in her favorite color!


The last piece before her mom and dad came with cake for a nice talk in the afternoon. They were stunned! “Did the two of you got some sleep?! It is incredible!”

Yes, we slept!

Yes, I did my best to keep up pace with her!

Yes, it was a lovely time!

You have to come again, my dear YQT!

Next day was the bag course so I sorted my things out and packed them.

Needless to say that I forgot “some” important things…a piece of batting – my friend shared hers with me – a bodkin and cotton twine…and the worst of all, I forgot my bag at home….

No money, no phone cell, no camera, no cough drops…

It was raining when my friend came to pick me up, my attention was to get my sewing machine and all the other sewing things dry and safe in her car. I said bye to DH and left. I’m lucky that the shop owner knows me, she said I could pay later!!

Bird brain or my fatigue?!

You tell me!!!

The bag is almost done, the rest is hand sewing.

This is how the zipper was sewn together with the binding:



The sides of the bag are also sewn by hand:


And the handles…We had to make the thick batting fit inside!

It worked! I still have to prepare two more, I’ll show you how in my next post.



Today I need some rest!

Wishing you a lovely and creative week!

signature Suzie




nicolette said…
The best of being creative is getting a chance to hand over your knowledge and love for a craft. Your friend’s daughter is absolutely talented and could not wish for a better teacher! This must have been a thrilling experience!
Ulla said…
Your little trainee is a very talented young woman, it must have been a pleasure to teach her. You can see from her work taht she had the best teacher!
Your woven bag looks really great in those warm colours.
Simone de Klerk said…
What a wonderful new friend you have, Suzie! She is very very talented. Guess she chose the right teacher!!!
Love the bag you were almost able to finish!
Carole said…
Way to go young lady, the things you made are absolutely stunning ! And this is only the beginning of a great adventure.
This is really adorable Suzie, and she's lucky she has you. Keep up the good work... both of you.
what a great lot of sewing you achieved........she did well and you are a great teacher.......
Gra said…
Beautiful works. Both. That of your friend´s daughter and your beautiful, beautiful bag. Congrats! And don´t worry about forgeting your stuff. We all do the same at some point!!
Anonymous said…
How nice for you to have such gifted student. She made so beautiful things. I'm very curious about the bag you made and those handles. I love to hear more about it.
Sandi Butler said…
How lucky your student is to have a great teacher and friend like you. What fun you must of had together.
Your woven bag is nearly finished and looking fantastic. The handles look tricky to make.
Crunchy Diva said…
what a lovely gift to be able to pass along sewing & quilting well done.
Anonymous said…
Such lovely makings. I love the white bag with the crazy patchwork in rainbow colours. Your friend's daughter is very talented. I hope she continues to be in love with creating. Well done for being willing to be her teacher.

Wow your bag is looking so good. A wonderful new technique.
Carrie P. said…
wow,she did a great job on her projects. How exciting for her.
Oh, my what a job to make those handles.

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