After a couple of weeks with a very nasty cold, I finally could get my hands busy again, that felt sooo good! Thank you for all your good wishes, it sure helped me.

On Thursday afternoon I could attend a class on a Japanese Weave technique. I’ve seen that in a Japanese Book, but never tried it. First you have to cut very thin strips of fabric and iron them using a bias tape maker (from clover).  On a prepared foam board the “fun” begins, the strips are pinned on vertical rows, then you weave from right to left – and you still “see” nothing… You turn the board the other way around and weave for the third time and, oh, now I can see the stars!!!


It  was a good idea to have batiks, it frayed less the normal cotton fabrics.

Here you can see a better detail:


The instructions were a bit short, the rest we were supposed to do at home. My “homework” was to finish this piece (I’m almost done), then iron it, let it rest for a day, iron it again and let it rest once more. Then I have to sew around the boarder. I know you might be asking, “what are you going to do with it?”, right?

That is going to be part of a bag, the front of the bag. So, my next “homework” is to prepare the bottom of the bag, a piece of batik, batting and lining and quilt it with the machine.

The class about how to sew this “simple” bag is on Saturday next week – can you imagine how curious I am? My thoughts are, how will it turn out? Will I be able to get it right? Did I bite off more than I can chew?…We’ll see!

Yesterday DH and I went for a short walk, the weather has been nice the last past days, temperatures around 15°C and the sun has been shining. I love the beginning of Fall with all the leaves changing its color! It is the season for bold colors, the season when you say good bye to Summer, but to Winter you say, wait just a little bit longer!…

It is the time for the warmth of a fireplace and a cup of tea (or coffee or hot coca, whatever you prefer :-)), a quilt on your lap and a good book, or even better,  do some quilting or sewing!

Before I go back to my homework…

Some photos from yesterday:


Have a lovely and creative week!

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nicolette said…
That’s some pretty difficult technique, if you ask me, byt the result is amazing! I’m curious to see your bag made of these woven batiks.

The weather is really wonderful 18oC and sunshine and still so many green trees!
Gra said…
Hi!!! Beautiful work!! I have heard about it and seen a few pictures but never tried it myself. I am curious too about the sewing process. If possible can you take a couple of pictures at the time you sew it? Is it just the borders, then? There is a beautiful bag made in that way in a Spanish magazine that I was able to buy here in Argentina, but I don´t find quite easy to follow the directions.
Nice autumm pictures!!! Enjoy!
Ulla said…
My teacher in the sewing class has this pattern and I think we are going to try it later this year. Your fabric choice is just perfect. I believe accuracy is the key word here to make it work. Beautiful, just like the pictures from your walk.
Anonymous said…
woah beautiful job you did. I think this bag is going to be great. Love the pitcures of the leaves
Paula and Mel said…
I had to come out of my lurking status just to say that you did great job on the new technique. I would like to learn that also. Can't wait to see your finished product.
Lovely fall pictures also.
Sandi Butler said…
What an interesting technique. The weaving looks amazing, Suzie. Looking forward to seeing the finished bag.
Anonymous said…
Fantastic!!! The funny thing is, I just did a workshop on Meshwork in the weekend. If you're interested pop over to my blog, I posted a couple of photos on it. Cheers Annette
Deb said…
Suzie, the weaving looks fabulous. At the craft and quilt show we went to a few weeks ago we sam a mini quilt wall hanging done in weaving and Darlene has ordered the book and we are all going to give it a go when it arrives. Looks fun. What beautiful Autumn photos, pleased to hear your bugs have gone and you are feeling better.
Stephanie said…
Glorious Fall photos and vibrant beautiful colors for your woven bag. The Japanese really are masters of intricate detail. I know this will be a gorgeous bag when you're finished. Can't wait.
Annemariesquilt said…
I am so happy to hear that you are feeling better Suzie..
Your Japanese Weave is realy great but looks a bit difficult!!
Annette said…
Wow, that is great. I love it. It is getting a bit chilly here too and I have spent the morning snuggling by the fireplace.
Anonymous said…
That looks wonderful Suzie- so effective. Can't wait to see how the bag turns out.

Glad yo are recovering.
Carrie P. said…
Glad you are feeling better. What a really neat technique. Lovely fall photos.
Love your weaving technique - it looks amazing and so effective. It is always fun to try something new.

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