As you sew, so shall you rip…



Though in this case it won’t help this block anymore…

I’ve cut the fabrics before I noticed the mistake…

Pretty silly, isn’t it?….

I’m making the blocks for Paganini, the first “Le Petit” project. It is a great one, there are 4 different ways to sew the pattern, they are all beautiful!

I read the instructions, cut the pieces, start sewing.

So far so good!

No idea what I was thinking of (perhaps nothing!) when I added the corners in the wrong position. But still enough fabric left from the Charm Pack so I could make a new block ! :-)))

Sorting the blocks:


I chose Awesome by Sandy Gervais (Moda) because I want a new wall hanging with Fall colors. My wish is to get it done for this Autumn!

The handles for the new bag are now finished.

I will show you how I inserted the thick batting inside.

First, roll the batting as tight as you can:


Use the twine to secure and tight it well:


Make a little hole with an awl or stiletto:


The hole is for the big safety pin:




Now you can start to pull through.

My advice….

At this point you could ask your own hero at home, your Indiana Jones with strong arms to help you with this issue!  ( My wrist had to be operated once, I’m very careful since then).


He will get it faster! 

That’s how it looks like:



Pretty busy days ahead!

Wishing  you a lovely and creative week!

Happy sewing!

signature Suzie





Annemariesquilt said…
Funny things happens and it is good you have more fabrics..
It is a wonderful new quilt you are making Suzie!!
Take care and have more fun. I have just finished a quilttop which is a Christmas present for my father in law.. Blue it is.
nicolette said…
That’s surely a one of a kind block you made!
Love the new Fall quilt Suzie!
Anonymous said…
Your paganini is looking great. Just one mistake, that's not bag. Thank you for showing how the handles are made.
Ulla said…
Your new fall quilt looks very lovely, you have chosen such beautiful fabrics.
The bag handle must feel comfortably round and soft once the muscle work is done.
See you soon!
Simone de Klerk said…
Your Schnibbles turned out beautifully. Isn't it funny, how we can sometimes make a mistake and wondering how it could happen.I'm glad youu still had some charms left!
Stina said…
Love your Paganini... and thanks for the advice in not doing like you have done with your Havent started mine yet.. PHEEEEWW..:O))
Think I need to read your tutorail again.. didnt get where is the handle fabric?? Feel STUPID?? :o))
Anne Ida said…
;o) Mistakes are easy to make! Happy you had fabric enough to fix it! And you know, there is a variation of the Paganini with the block twisted the way your "mistake" is :o)

The blocks look wonderful! You will have a great fall quilt!

I have opted away from what I originally thought I'd do... Just uploaded a picture of the first four blocks to my blog (in case you are curious *lol*).

Hugs and stitches
Annette said…
I've made that same kind of mistake so many times. It's going to be a great quilt. Nice tutorial on the bag handle. Thanks.

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