Sew, stitch, bake, and enjoy!

Hi, there!

I’ve been working on a birthday gift for one of my friends.

I still have a couple of days to finish it,  here is a sneak peak:



It’s not hard to guess about the motif, is it?!

Will she like it? I hope so!

And I also have been stitching. I’ve got a little bit behind with the “Little Christmas Elves” stitch along project…

This week I got two blocks done and I’ve started a big one.

Some fabrics I’m going to use:


Sewing, stitching, and backing, hmmm!

Things that make any quilter feel better!

Banana bread and a cappuccino – no tea today,  sometimes it has to be stronger and creamy!


And because I was in the mood to try a new pattern…

A “Pear pouch” -  funny!




Yesterday we had a beautiful late summer day,  it was sunny (23°C) and it felt so nice!

Two pictures to bring you a little bit of warmth. Save it for the coming cold Seasons!




Now I’m ready for Fall!

Leaves, acorns, pumpkins, toadstools!

Have a lovely and creative week!


signature Suzie


Simone de Klerk said…
What a lovely post, Suzie! Your friend will love the present you are making her. The sneak peek is gorgeous already.
Love your little elves and the fabrics you got for it.
And what a fun pouch. Isn't it fun, to just make something in between all your other projects!
I don't think I'm ready for fall yet. Still need some warmth and sunshine.
Have a good week!
Ulla said…
I'm glad to see you so full of energy! The birthday gift loooks so sweet, and your pear pouch is a lovely idea.
I can feel the warmth of your flower pictures,
Annemariesquilt said…
Looks like are having fun Suzie..
Your coffee quilt looks so sweet and I know your friend will love.
Carole said…
Autumn is here, wherever I go in blogland it's all about warm cups of something and cakes, jams, jellies... it makes me want to stay at home and cook away, and sew away !!! But it's back to school tomorrow... my students seem nice enough but oh how I'd rather snuggle in !!! (this little pear pouch is sooooo darling !!)
Have a lovely week !
Annette said…
I think sneak peeks are so fun. They get ones imagination going. And your pear pouch is a fun idea too. Love it!
Stephanie said…
Your work is always gorgeous. Love the sneak peek and your friend will love it for sure. That pear zippy pouch is sweet and fun.

I'm really ready for Fall.
nicolette said…
It seems we are all ready for Fall. We have some lovely late Summery days here.

Love your pear pouch, so cute!
Anonymous said…
Well done Suzie on the elf catch up.

Looks like a lovely coffee pressie you are making. A lot of fun.

Great idea to sneak in a little unplanned project as well as baking.

Sorry this is a catch up been AFK for a week doing housey things.

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