My “Short Story”


Hi, there,

just a brief post, I finished sewing “Short Story”, the Plan C for this month’s Schnibbles.

I used Charms Packs again, “Botany” from Moda.



A closer look:


I’ve just received the new Marie Claire and a book with the mail, I’ll show you in my next post.

DS1 left home this morning. Boxes with all his things, books, his bike, his computer.

I still have tears in my eyes.


signature Suzie


Stephanie said…
Pretty colors and fabrics. Although your son is off on his own you'll enjoy those calls he makes to check in.
Ulla said…
Your little quilt is pretty and again so accurately made. Wipe your tears and have some tea. There is so much less laundry and ironing now ;-)
Gra said…
Beautiful quilt!
It is amazing. I have been reading blogs from the northern hemisphere and there is big number of mothers feeling just like you because their children have just left for college. You should all form an empty-nest-quilter mothers support group! Glad to know the planet is balanced by the southern hemisphere´s mothers who are pulling their hair out with teen agers still at home! Haha!
Zlaty said…
Love the quilt and the fabrics!
Simone de Klerk said…
Love your Short Story, which will have been quite a trip.
Good luck with this new beginning for your son, but definitely also for you!
Anonymous said…
Hugs Suzie,
it is a new start for him and you. What about making him a special quilt so he has a little of home with him? They are so useful to wrap up in when sitting in front of a computer writing essays.

Lovely block.
Deb said…
Big hugs from NZ Suzie. He'll be home again , don't panic. Loving your snibbles.
Stina said…
Love it...:o)) Short Story is a favourite pattern.... but I have to say.. it was not fun making it.. dont know why....o))
Jo said…
Short Story is my favorite. Don't you just love how the seams nestle together. Great Job!
Marianne said…
Your Short Story turned out great. I used Botany too but made Plan C!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful schnibbels, love the colors. I hope everything went well with you. It's hard to let go of your child
Christine said…
Beautiful quilt ... I like your July Schnibble too.

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