Up and away

 I have a brief post today,

I’ve slowed down since summer started.

To me it’s the time to take a break from everyday life,

it’s time to smell the flowers,

enjoy the lazy warm days,

soak up the sun,

recharge my batteries,

relax :-))

Time for a nice afternoon with ice tea and two new magazines,

my favorite  one:


Just a few pictures from a lot of great projects – do I have to mention I love the bags?!





I don’t buy this magazine very often, but this issue has lovely quilts and other projects – the pincushion is so cute:



A simple and beautiful quilt in red, blue and white, and of course, a pretty bag!



 But guess what…

I still did some sewing!!!

Sneak peaks of two gifts for two dear friends!





One of my blocks from the Stitching along project “Busy Little Elves” with Melanie and Simone. I am not so far ahead like them because I am making a small version, it will be a wall hanging.



Time to:

dig out the suitcases from the attic,

fill them with a lot of stuff  (the ones we really need and all the ones we really could have left home…), 

try to choose which good books I should take (and read only one….),

decide which hand sewing project I should take (and forget the scissors at home or any other important part…),

pack the camera,

grab some notes and address book,

take the sun glasses,


see you!

I’ll be back in August,

wishing all of you

a very


signature Suzie


Anonymous said…
Have a lovely break Suzie and come back all recharged and raring to go. I'll miss you.
Ulla said…
Suzie, those are very cute pictures of new projects. I wish you a very lovely, relaxing break! Welcome back in August with new energy and recharged batteries. Happy holiday!
Stephanie said…
Wonderful summer wishes to you too! Relax, read, enjoy, stitch as desired!
Happy trails, good eating, fun times and lots of inspiration for the coming weeks/months ahead!
Anonymous said…
Happy Summer Suzie! Love the magazines, need to find me a copy of the Marie Claire too.

Days are slow and a bit lazy here, warm weather and the forecast is for even hotter days!

See you in August!
Have a wonderful holiday Suzie!! I have been enjoying the latest Marie Claire Idees this week too:)
Annemariesquilt said…
Yes enjoy summer Suzie and have fun with your family...
Katherine said…
Relax and enjoy your summer break, Suzie. I hope you have a wonderful time. Take care!
Simone de Klerk said…
Wishing you lovely lovely days! Enjoy the time with your family, the smell of flowers, the adventures in the books and the sun to ease your mind!
Heel veel liefs, xoxoxo
Enjoy your break! I also don't tend to buy the Quilting magazine, but it has some very nice projects.
Deb said…
Suzie, have a wonderful break and enjoy every moment of it. How lucky all that wonderful relaxing weather not at all like the cold down here.
hugs Deb
Carole said…
Well, enjoy your holidays, and that copy of Marie Claire Idées, that I bought as well because it's packed with lovely summer ideas !
Have a great time to relax, hugs !
GeorgiaBE said…
You’ve been awarded the versatile blogger award by me! Check it out: http://georgiabe.wordpress.com/2010/07/18/versatile-blogger-award
Stina said…
Happy Summer to you too.. see you in August.. all recharged!!! Take care..
Gra said…
Hi Suzie! I have just found your blog and love all your work. You are so creative!
Greetings from Argentina

joven said…
beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

Love your Busy Little Elves pattern.

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