A new lovely bag


When Stephanie sent me grommets and a beautiful fabric for my birthday, it was clear to me, they were meant for a bag!

First I looked for a pattern, then I found two other fabrics that matched well.

I had never used grommets before, I was a bit afraid I could ruin part of the bag.

But it worked just fine and I still have one more set for another bag :-)))

Thank you so much, Stephanie! I love my new bag!



This is the pattern used, it is from Anka’s Tresures:


After the bag was finished I made a cappuccino,

sat down,


enjoyed! ;-))


I don’t want to tease you, but here’s another sneak peak!


Turquoise and greens again?


Scraps from batiks, a project for “No strings attached challenge” .

It is not hard to guess what I’m sewing!


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Ulla said…
It is indeed a lovely new bag! The colours are cool for a summer day. I can see you had no problem with the grommets. Maybe I should try and use the ones Stephanie sent for my birthday. Your bag has everything: zipper pocket, magnetic closure and it is not too small.
Cindy said…
That Stephanie is such a sweetheart. And what a talent she is. I am an avid follower and admirer of her.

Your bag turned out so darling. I purchased some grommets but haven't used them yet. I'm actually saving them for a valance I hope to make (sooner rather than later...LOL)

I love sneak peaks and look forward to seeing what you create next with these wonderful fabrics.

Happy day!!
Simone de Klerk said…
What a lovely bag! Very summery!!! Look forward to see your next project.
Katherine said…
Great bag, Suzie! Glad you got over your grommet fear. ;o)

Yes, you are teasing us... those pretty batiks are begging for you to show us the finished project. ;o)
Stephanie said…
Oh it's the prettiest bag I've seen lately. Can't wait to see your batik project.
Anonymous said…
Great bag Suzie. Perfect colours for Summer. OO love the batiks!

Enjoy your coffee.
Anne-Mette said…
What a lovely bag and the fabrics are all great.
Have a nice summer too.
nicolette said…
Lovely Summery bag Suzie.

From the pattern pictures I understand it’s quite big and that’s always the best, because you can stuff it with lots of lovely... fabrics!
Deb said…
What a gorgeous bag Suzie. Such a lovely pattern and it has everything a girl needs.
hugs Deb
What a great bag Suzie - the grommets are the perfect finishing touch!
Justin said…
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Annemariesquilt said…
What a wonderful bag you have made Suzie... It is very special. I cannot wait to see your Mysteri !
You do not have too many days to finish though, you go Suzie ;-))
Anonymous said…
Love the bag (of course). I like the grommets, have to try it someday. Thank you for sharing
Carrie P. said…
Very lovely bag indeed. Love that sneak peek.
Anne Ida said…
Gorgeous new bag! I'm sure it will be a great companion for many outings to come :o)

Love those fabrics in the sneak peak! Can't wait to see what you do with them!

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