Let the sun shine in!

I had to ask DS2 and one of his friends to hold the quilt outside so that I could take a picture of the batik quilt. Bright, cheerful colors to brighten up the days:


This pattern (from Brenda Henning) was supposed to be made with one jelly roll of 40 strips. I used the batiks I had been collecting for a while and that was fine, too. Using what I had from my stash I could make one more row, it measures 62” x 78” (1,58 cm x 1,99 cm).

Working with bold colors is like a therapy, they cheer you up, they give you impulse and stimulate your senses to work in different directions. With some scraps from the quilt, some other scraps and some FQs I started to make  “Liberated” sort of Log Cabin blocks, a bit  wonky, a bit skew,  it was fun. The result was a small wall hanging.

I did the quilting by machine.

Here and there, coming back and going the other way around, having fun again:



Ta da! There it is:


It measures 22 1/2” x 24” (57,5 cm x 61,5 cm).

One thing I’m not very found of is sewing sleeves on wall hangings.

I’ve found a new way and I would like to show it. Maybe it is what you already have been doing, but it might also help others, who knows!

When the top is quilted and trimmed, cut 2 squares  ( in my case for the wall hanging, I cut the squares 6” x 6”) and fold it in half:


Place the folded squares at the corners and pin it in place:


Sew the binding on the right side of the wall hanging the way you usually do.  The folded square will be sewn together and you’ll have a “pocket”. I placed a small ruler so that you can see it better:


Now sew the binding by hand :


Ohh,I see!  It is hard to see it clearly, so here’s another picture with a piece of paper:


That’s how it looks like on the back.

Now you can hang it on the wall!


Wishing you a lovely, sunny weekend!


signature Suzie


Simone de Klerk said…
Incredible quilts, Suzie. I love how working with these colors was like a therapy for you!
Great quilting job too!
Have a fun Friday.
Ulla said…
Two beautiful quilts! You found a nice pattern to use the scraps to make the wall hanging. Clever idea with the triangles in the top corners, they are not bulky at all so you can make a table runner/wall hanging as well.
Jackie said…
Both quilts are just beautiful! You are so right about working with bright and bold fabric, it is therapeutic. Isn't it nice when you work with your scraps and come out with such a wonderful little quilt. The quilting is just perfect too!
nicolette said…
Both very beautiful quilts Suzie! Love the happy colours and I can imagine they work like magic to feel better!

Thanks for the corner idea!

Happy weekend to you!
Annie said…
Love the quilts and what a FAB idea about the sleeve. Never seen that one before and will definitely be using it. Thanks
I love your colors! Vibrant! Isn't it fun to sew "wonky"...we love crawling outside the box! Did you notice the circular motion in your big quilt...from a distance? Very cool!!
Annemariesquilt said…
Wow 2 lovely quiltfinishes. Bouth of then are very beautiful Suzie...
And what a lovely way to hang a quilt, hmm this one I will use for sure;-))
I wish you a wonderful weekend...
Annette said…
I am also making an hourglass quilt using batiks but with a white background. I really like your color combination. Your other quilt is great too. So cheerful.
Annika said…
So gorgeous, both of them!
Wow what incredible quilts! Great job!
Anonymous said…
Fabulous Suzie. I love those bright colours you've used.

I hadn't seen the triangle method of hanging before. Great idea.
jiaoliang said…
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Anonymous said…
You made some beautiful quilts. Beautiful colors. Ans thank you for your little tutorial.
Zlaty said…
I love the bright colors! Such a cheerfull quilt! Ejoy it!
jiaoliang said…
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