And I bought her a hat!

We’ve been having such lovely sunny days!

It feels so good to sit  in the garden! Blue sky, sunshine,  fresh air, hmmmm!

It made me neglect everything else!

A glass of water or lemonade, my little basket with my English Paper piecing project and the hours went by. I did make some progress with the pentagons, sewing outdoors paid off!


Isn’t the color of this Clematis beautiful? I can hardly wait to see it in full bloom!


Summer feeling is everywhere!

But when a girl has a delicate skin, she should better take good care when the sun is shining.

So I bought Martha a hat!

Can you see how happy she is with it?


Do you remember her? She came all the way down from Finland, Ulla made her and sent her as a birthday present. She is the most lovely girl! The garden is her favorite place, she loves  flowers.


And here is one more reason for Martha to be happy, Ulla sent her a sweet nightgown!

And also an underwear, but Martha asked me not to show it, she would blush!…

Thanks dear Ulla, you made both of us happy!


These blocks are for a quilt for donation. My Quilt Group does that every one and a half year, all the members take part in this activity. We chose the “Wonky Stars” as a pattern, it is fun making them. I think we’re going to have a nice quilt.

I’ve made three blocks, using scraps:


The block I like most is the one with “Snoopy”, I still have some scraps left from the quilt I made for DS2.

Kick it, baby!


I’ve started to sew the borders to the bright color batik quilt (the one I showed you a sneak peak) so it will be on my next post.

Happy quilting everyone!


signature Suzie


Deb said…
Suzie,how sensible getting Martha a hat. I hope she is wearing her sunscreen.
What a lovely cleamatis?
hugs Deb
Stephanie said…
How nice you had such a lovely day. Love the pentagons.
Ulla said…
I'm happy to see Martha in her new hat and summer dress! The hat is adorable, and it compliments her hair colour. Your clematis is beautiful.
The pentagon hand sewing looks very interesting, a lovely project for the garden. I like your wonky stars for the charity quilt, pretty colours.
Bietje said…
I have the same Clematis, and it's already blooming. It's so wonderful. Check my blog for pictures.
Anne Ida said…
Lucky girl, Martha! Getting a pretty new hat, and a sensible nightie!

Those pentagons are gorgeous! Doing a lovely job there, you! And those charity blocks are bright and pretty and will be loved by whoever receives the quilt (love the little Snoopy corner *lol*).

Take care and enjoy the sun! (raining here today...)

Hugs and stitches from me
Simone de Klerk said…
A lovely post, Suzie! You are working on a lovely project and I understand that Martha is very happy! How nice of Ulla to make her a nighty!
Have a beautiful week.
Katherine said…
Love those pentagons, Suzie! Can't wait to see more of this project.

Martha is ever so lovely in her hat. She's so sweet!

Glad to see you've had some sunny weather. That should make your clematis bloom like crazy.

Wishing you a wonderful day....
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Joanna said…
I love you Snoopy block too. I love how you put him in the middle.
Anonymous said…
Your pentagons are looking lovely. Gorgeous clematis.

Good idea about Martha's hat. It really suits her. Now she can sit out in the garden with you.

Great stars too.
Carrie P. said…
Your pentagon blocks are so neat. I have not ever seen them before.
Love the star blocks. Great block to use for donation quilts.
nicolette said…
Loevly pentagons, and gorgeous wonky star blocks!

I hope this weekend will be another wonderful one!

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