“I can see clearly now the rain is gone..”

And it was “a bright, sunshine day” last Saturday.  My Schnibbles for this month was finished and I was lucky to take a picture of it outside.

I used Boutique by Chez Moi for Moda, a beautiful collection in delightful colors.


And here is “Hot Cross” (31 1/2”  X 31 1/2”):


Though when I look at this wall hanging I think I could also call it “Waiting for the summer”, the colors remind me of  warm sunny days and ice cream!

But it is raining again since yesterday…..I ordered the batting, washed  batik, drank tea, did a little sewing.

Today I can show you what I’ve made with the lovely fabrics I got for my birthday from Anne Marie:





My dear friend Annie sent me three old issues from Miniature Quilts, a magazine that unfortunately no longer exists. Miniature fascinates me, they a challenge and they are lovely, and you can hang them everywhere.  Flipping through these magazines makes me think about sewing  a miniature again…..To sew or not sew, that’s the question!…

Enjoy your day!

And have a lovely and creative week!


signature Suzie


szkornelia said…
This is a really pretty quilt. I love this fabric collection, I also have a charm pack, but haven't deciced what to do with it. I love your design.
Your Hot Cross Quilt looks very cheerful - You are right, the colours do look very summery. Love the little zippered bag you made from your new fabric. I love miniature quilts too - they are a good way to try new techniques an use up smaller pieces of fabric.
Stephanie said…
I like that name...Waiting for Summer. Very pretty little quilt. LOVE your zippy bag too. Happy Sewing!!!
Ulla said…
Waiting for Summer is a perfect name for the quilt, the colours and the feeling we have in May when it rains and a chilly wind blows. It will soon be better! The zippered bag is beautiful.
Anonymous said…
Morning Suzie, I love Boutique too. I have a jelly roll (MY 1ST) so am wanting to do something special with it.

Love what you did with the gorgeous fabrics from Anne Marie.

Hope you have a lot of inspiration from the magazines.
Simone de Klerk said…
I love your Schnibbles. Missed it at Sinta's parade - guess because the picture was not focussed there.
And I love the title you decided to give (O:
Hope the weather will be better for you soon! We are to have more sun this week. And warmth. Finally!
nicolette said…
I love that song and I’m happy you have a clear vision again...LOL!

You quilt and zippered pouch are arodable!
Anne Ida said…
Oh, your Hot Cross is soooo pretty! And you're right, it really sings summer, sunny days and ice cream!

And your little purse is just too d...n cute :o) Good use of those fabrics!

"To sew or not to sew" is that really a relevant question??? *lol*

Take care and happy quilting!
Hugs and stitches from me
Orba said…
Simply Stunning Suzi.
I love a bright colorful quilt! These colors would brighten any room :)
Annette said…
the little bag is just adorable! And I love the cheerful little quilt. Very nice.
Carrie P. said…
Your quilt and bag are simply lovely. Such pretty fabrics you used.
Annemariesquilt said…
ÅÅååå I loved the little toilettbag you have made from my fabrics, adorable..
Your Scnibblequilt is wonderful too. Have you bought the book. I am wondering if I should do so, looks like there a lot of great projects in it..
Wonderful post over here too. You have been busy!! Marthe is wonderful and now she can sleep like a queen. I have been thinking about making a wonky star quilt and did you see that Moda bakeshop just published a pattern of a starquilt, hmm maybe I can make on of thoose.

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