High and low tide

That’s how it has been going around here.

Spring is supposed to be here, but don’t ask me where!…Maybe hiding behind the clouds, hiding behind the pouring rain…the flood…..May is almost gone, too many cloudy, rainy days….. June?….Heaven knows….

But that is not the real reason for my “low tide” days. I’m still learning not to fight against it, instead, it is better to make the best out of it. Instead of sewing, when my mind skips from one thought to another and I make more mistakes than I can  count, I go for a walk.  Instead of stitching or crocheting  I have been reading books, baking cakes, drinking tea. And that’s good too.  “Don’t ask for more, take it.”

My best girl friend phoned in the afternoon and asked if I would like to go to the theater in the evening with her.


………………..When was the last time I went there?…..

…..What should I wear?…………………What do I need?…..

…………………………………….Why not?

“I’ll pick you up! Be ready!”

A spontaneous decision, a nice evening, a lot of laughter.  “Appreciate the moment to the fullest and be thankful for it.”

High and low tide……

I went to the sewing room, swept the floor, sorted out fabrics, magazines.

Batiks in bright, beautiful colors, I’ve been collecting them for a quilt. “Don’t step back, jump into it!”


Squaring them up and that’s what’s left over:


Have to decide which color for the border, I want to show it complete.

I cut much more strips than it was necessary for the quilt. The colors swing, they make me happy and I want to play a little bit more with them.

Liberated sewing, liberating me


…….”Savour the high tide”…….

I was lucky to get Carrie Nelson’s Schnibbles times two last week.


The project for this month is any quilt from the book.

Which one??? They are all so beautiful, it is hard to decide….

But time is running out…..

Ok, “Hot Cross” is the one.

I cut all the pieces yesterday and started sewing. It should be done until tomorrow, but no commitments.

Nothing is worth more than this day” (Goethe)

Wishing you a day you are enjoying yourself and enjoying whatever you’re doing!

signature Suzie


nicolette said…
Hi Suzie! I was just thinking of you when your post popped up in my google reader.

So nice you had a wonderful evening spent with a dear friend. I hope low tide will soon be hight tide for you. I love your liberated work!

Take care!
Ulla said…
Those colours should cheer you up! The quilt is very pretty. - Good for you to have a friend to go to the theater with. Good luck with finishing the Schnibbles quilt on time.
MJ said…
OMG How can you quilt so fast??? My project is already over 2 years in the planning... And I love the wonky patch quilt :)
Deb said…
Nice to hear from you Suzie. Its just a matter of going with the flow of life isn't it. Its too hard sometimes when we put pressure on ourselves. Sometimes we need low tide for awhile, I know I do thats for sure.
Hugs Deb
I think we all have periods of "low tide". Baking, reading, and tea drinking sound very relaxing and restorative. Love your batik quilt in progress!
Anonymous said…
What lovely colours batiks are so much fun. Do what inspires you and makes you smile.

Anonymous said…
Hi Suzie, life is a balance...I have been reading more lately than sewing...a change...loved seeing your quilt..Warm Regards, Lyn
Anonymous said…
How nice for you to go to the theater. The quilt is so beautiful and that book looks so great
I'm not doing the Schnibbles this month. No time, and it looks like we will be moving in a couple of months, so not much sewing going on here. Take care!

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