Tagalong, some flowers and a lovely parcel


I’ve finished sewing my Tagalong  just in time!

Old and new blue fabrics, what I had left from other projects, what I bought  the other day.  Sewing the Schnibbles patterns is a lot of fun, they are simple, lovely, and they are not too big,  they make great wall hangings!

Today is a nice day for taking pictures outside.

Blue sky and green grass, exactly what I needed!



 Some flowers from our garden.

I don’t know how this one is called, but I love it. 2010_0428blog-photos0018

The cherry tree in full bloom:


The lovely forsythia:


The other flowers need more time, just have to wait until they are ready.

I sent Lisa and Sarah  (a spoon full of sugar girls ) a magazine we both love and some other little gifts for them. In return they sent me a very lovely parcel. It arrived today from Australia and it made my day!

A big smile when I opened it! :-))))

A great magazine, a cute Matryoshka keychain, a beautiful FQ and Japanese stationery. Isn’t that sweet?

Thank you both so much for your thoughtfulness!


Now I have to finish some blocks, see you later!

Have a lovely day!


signature Suzie


Carole said…
The quilt is GREAT (what's not to like about blue and white ?). And it is marvellously featured in your garden. The little white flowers are "anemone blanda".
Have a nice week ! Lots of love.
Simone de Klerk said…
I love your Tagalong Schnibbles. So happy and bright!
And such a nice parcel coming your way from Lisa and Sarah.
Ulla said…
Your new quilt is very pretty and fresh! The flowers you show are so beautiful, I'm still waiting to see other than snowdrops!
Parcels from abroad are so much fun, but so is sending them to special friends.
Your garden photo are amazing Suzie!Love your Tagalong project - blue is one of my favourite colours. Glad you liked your package!
Stephanie said…
Beautiful garden photos. Your tagalong is fresh and cheerful! Love the colors.
Anonymous said…
Great work on the quilt Suzie. Love blue and white together.

I have that Aussy Homespun- I bought it for the felt chick mat on the front. So sweet! What a lovely parcel.
Gina said…
Love the new quilt.
I think the white flowers are Aconites. They are really bright and cheery aren't they. I have some in my garden

Love and hugs Gina xxx
bubbachenille said…
This is a lovely quilt, The nine patches stand out to me like they are three dimensional..Anyone else or my eyes playing tricks on me ?
Oh wow I just love your Tagalong. I did not make the Schnibbles this month. Too much going on :-(
nicolette said…
Wat girl wouldn’t love a blue and white quilt!? It’s beautiful Suzie!
Annemariesquilt said…
What a wonderful quilt you have made Suzie!! The blue and White is perfect. Your garden Picture is lovely and far ahead of from my garden..
Raisa said…
We have quilts like that in rural Pakistan. It is astonishing to see the similarities! Your quilt is really beautiful!

cristina said…
I just discovered your blog and I was very surprised, you do some beautiful work.
kisses from Spain
mrsjohn said…
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