One preemie quilt done and a lovely mini quilt


Hi, there!

The weather has been so nice, sunny and beautiful! There are more daffodils in the garden and the first tulips are also coming. Spring will soon blossom out all over.

….sigh….to my surprise I started sneezing like crazy and soon I had a nasal congestion and my eyes got swollen…Yea…A new allergy test!.. I am allergic to some pollen - Hazel, Birch, Alder and specially to Beech. Gosh, where does that come from??… I did not have anything like that before!…Last year everything was all right, we had a wonderful Spring and Summer, I had NOTHING. I sat often outside,  I read books, stitched, sewed by hand - no sneezing, just normal. Now I have to use a cortisone-containing nasal spray and a medicament as long as the pollen are there….sigh……

I finished the preemie quilt, I think it looks bright and joyful:


And I started another one, just need a fabric for the border:


Yesterday I felt relieved, the parcel Anne Ida sent me arrived safe and sound!


A beautiful card with daffodils!

And this lovely mini quilt was inside, it is absolutely darling!


I love this little bee!


And the flower and the button, too!



Thank you so much, Anne Ida! *^* Tusend takk!

That’s all for the moment.

Wishing you a sunny, lovely week!

signature Suzie








Stephanie said…
Very sweet preemie quilts and the little quilt you receive is darling. Sorry about your allergy problems. 12 years ago when we moved to Ohio I started having problems. Some years are worse than others.
Ulla said…
I love the little bug quilt! The other pattern is also cute for a preemie quilt. The little busy bee from Anne Ida is so perfect for you ;-)
Sorry to hear about your allergies. We have 3 allergics is the family. Maybe next year you can start the antihistamines before the pollen season and avoid the trouble.
Annemariesquilt said…
Hi Suzie..
Yes allergy is a mess but it helps to start with your medication a bit earlier than the allergy season. ( Something to think about next year)
You have made some realy cute quilts. The little bugs looks adorable ;-))
And you have received a wonderful gift, you are very lucky. Have some fun and forget about the allergy!!
Simone de Klerk said…
Love the quilts you showed us. Lovely colors. And such a cute quilt from your friend. What a great paper piecing bee!
I am sorry to hear about your allergy problems. Hope you feel better soon with all those meds.
Sandi Butler said…
Sorry to hear about your pollen allergy, it must be awful for you. I hope you improve with the medication.
Your little preemie quilts are very sweet. They will be loved by the little ones.
I have similar allergies - no fun at all in spring time! I love the mini quilt you received with your trade mark bee - just beautiful. Your latest premmie quilts are cheerful indeed.
Annette said…
Your little bugs are so cute! And Anne Ida's quilt is sweet too. Both are just perfect for spring too.
Anonymous said…
Lovely preemie makings Suzie. Love the colours.

Sorry to hear about your allergies. I hope you get some relief with the spray.

Oh yes it is a relief when the post office finally hands over parcels. I wonder what they do with them sometimes. It was well worth the wait- so cute!
Anonymous said…
Your preemie quilts are so cute. And the little quilt you recieved is so cute. I hope you are feeling better now
Christy said…
Oh susie, your quilt creations are so beautiful. I'm so impressed!!
Zlaty said…
I hope your allergies are getting better!

What a lovely minis you made! I love the bright colors!

Happy sewing!

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