Little bugs


I haven’t  done much lately, things are a bit slow at the moment.

But I have finished another preemie quilt and that’s nice.



May these cute little bugs bring  joy and luck to the baby and its family.

Have a lovely and creative week!

signature Suzie



Simone de Klerk said…
Such a very cute quilt, Suzie! It will definitely bring luck to a baby and the family! What are 'lieveheersbeestjes' for?
Anonymous said…
Love those sweet ladybirds. I have already seen some real ones in the garden- great for eating aphids. In 1976 -the really hot Summer they were everywhere.

I hope your quilt brings much warmth and joy to it's little one.
Stephanie said…
Another sweet quilt to be loved by a little one in need.
What a cheerful quilt and for such a wonderful cause!
szkornelia said…
This is so nice from you. I am sure it is really nice to know that other people really care when you keep thinking about only one thing. A few years ago my first niece was a preemie. She was really tiny at birth, less thank 2 pounds and 14 inches. For months we kept our fingers crossed. Now she is a cute lady (just turned 3). Her name is Kata (Hungarian for Kate). And you know what is a funny thing? It is almost like a Hungarian name of a ladybird (katica). She has many of them...
Annemariesquilt said…
How cute fabric, I love it and yes my mood goes into a great one..
Karen said…
This is a very cute little premie quilt! Whoever receives it will cherish it I'm sure. :0)
I haven't done much sewing myself, but your quilts are so cute! You are making good use of your time :-)
Ulla said…
You have once again made a cheerful little quilt for someone very tiny.

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