I fell in love with a bag!

The new Marie Claire was in the mail box! Can you see my big smile? ;-)))


I am never disappointed with this magazine, on the contrary, I am always amazed with so many lovely and fresh ideas, just wonderful!

There are some pretty bags this time, like this one here:


Recycle your old jeans and have an original bag!


And in case you have more than only one old jeans, just go ahead, there are more ideas!


Have you already made a Jeans Quilt?


What about this table cloth? I’m very found of it!


Embroidery with bright colors:


Don’t forget about Mother’s Day!


Blue, isn’t it a wonderful color?


And, finally, here is my favorite bag.  I fell in love with it at the moment I saw it on the cover!


I did not wait long!

I started cutting the hexagons.

I have never sewn them with the machine, but, there is always the first time for everything, right?  Take heart, Suzie!

This is the tutorial that helped me, thanks to Rachel of Lady Harvatine


It worked!

Five rolls of 9 hexagons each.


After I finished sewing the hexagons, I cut about 4 cm at the top and at the bottom. Then I ironed the batting, but not completely,  I left about 20 cm (8” ) at each side so that I still could sew the hexagons on the side. The “tube” was sewn and then I could finish ironing the rest of the batting – that was quite tricky, I tell you! And it was another “adventure” to sew the straps! But it is done :-)))


Can you see where I “mended” the batting? And the bottom is sewn!


So far so good!

The next step is to sew a zipper.

Time to breathe deeply!

I’ll show you how it turned out on my next post!

Have a lovely week!

And happy makings!


signature Suzie


Juanita said…
Wow! I love that tablecloth also!Now I am going to have to go out and but this mag.Thanks for sharing! I am a new follower and am looking forward to visiting you in the future. Have a blessed day!
Sherri said…
I knew immediately it was the hexagon bag on the cover...now I need to find this magazine!!!
Stephanie said…
Great magazine. Wow you really got a jump on a new project. Terrific bag!!!
Simone de Klerk said…
That was the first thing I saw, the bag, when I saw the front of the magezine. Great tutorial and you did a wonderful job, making that bag! Great fabrics and I recognize some (O:
Ulla said…
Isn't it lovely to find a project that just inspires you? I can see why you loved the bag. And yes, I have made a jeans quilt, it is VERY heavy and big.
Stina said…
LOVE LOVE IT!!!!Have to find the magazine... :o))))
Lots and lots of fantastic things... thanks for sharing..:o)
Anonymous said…
That is looking so good Suzie. After all your efforts the zip will be easy. What a wonderful bag for Spring!
Katherine said…
Your new bag is even more gorgeous the one on the cover of the magazine, Suzie. Love it! You just can't beat combining red and blue.

I enjoy getting sneak peeks at what inspires you and that magazine is a great source of ideas for creativity.
Heather said…
Your new bag is beautiful. And you can never really have too many bags. I've recently finished a raggy denim quilt but I quite like the one shown in the photo too...maybe time to start collecting more old jeans.
Your bag is amazing Suzie!!! what a modern looking hexagon project! I will be eagerly checking my letter box for my magazine to arrive.
Annemariesquilt said…
You have made such a wonderful bag and I love your fabric picks...
I have a templet so I can sew hexagons on a row, easy easy..
Never tried though!
your bag is gorgeous...........love the colours you chose too.........
nicolette said…
Thanks for reminding me to get a copy of the latest Marie Claire Idees.

The bag you made is lovely!
ale balanzario said…
This post is wow, great nice proyects, love also the hexagon bag, I would love to make one for me too!!
Sandi Butler said…
Looks like a great magazine with wonderful projects too. Love your new hexagon bag in pretty spring colours.

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