Hooked again!

What can happen when you just don’t feel like sewing?

The ideas come and go… there’s something missing …but  the urge to do something is there, your hands can stay still…

Crochet! That’s a good idea! I looked for the cotton yarns I had and got started.


The first one I made is called Modern Vintage Potholder, you can find the instructions here.


Then I made this one, it is cute!


Crocheting and letting the ideas flow….patterns, colors, motifs…Hmmm, crochet, sewing, stitching ! :-))))

That was a lot of fun and my yarn stash (yeah, I have a yarn stash, too!) started to decrease. I still have pink, red and yellow, should I use them too? I’m still “hooked”!

Evenings are great for this craft!




Have a lovely and creative week!

Happy makings!

signature Suzie



Deb said…
Suzie, they're fabulous. They look so colourful, how clever you are.
Good to see your urge has just slipped in another direction not gone completely.
hugs Deb
Stephanie said…
Delightful! Love the Modern Vintage roundness. Wishing I didn't cause myself tendonitis from too much crocheting when I first got started. I'm not able to crochet at all, for now...just when I got the hang of making grannnies! It's so relaxing to sit and do in the evenings.
Simone de Klerk said…
definitely another great talent of yours! They look so nice and bright.
I love your new formula!
Ulla said…
Suzie, you have been so busy with your new passion! I love the modern vintage pattern - just printed it for my own use - and your colours look so good together.
Annette said…
Those are sweet! You make me want to go dig out my hook and get to work.
Sandi Butler said…
Love those new pot holders, so colourful.
They are simply gorgeous Suzie!! They are such pretty colours and a fun designs. I can see why you are hooked!
Anonymous said…
Gorgeous work Suzie- love the bright cheerful colours. I'm still only at the Double Crochet stage. Ah well.
Carrie P. said…
Well that is the way to use your hands. They are so cute.
Katherine said…
Beautiful! Suzie you are multi talented. Love the vintage yet fresh feel to these.
nicolette said…
You’re such a multi-tasker talent! Love your crocheted vintage/modern look!
Victoria said…
These are gorgeous! I adore the vintage look of them. I like to crochet, but mostly do scarves and granny squares... seeing these makes me want to try one, too. Thanks for sharing. :0)
Bo said…
Love your potholders...i want to learn to crochet one day...if i could only find the time

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